Friday, February 19, 2016

Film Friday

Benicio Del Toro turned 49 today.  So let's get to it.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998):  Based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson.  Del Toro plays Dr. Gonzo, lawyer and friend of journalist Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp).  It's not a film for everybody, as the duo spend much of their time under the influence of drugs.  But I thought it was an entertaining film.

Traffic (2000):  Del Toro won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Javier Rodriguez, a Mexican cop, in this film about the illegal drug trade.  Steven Soderbergh won the Best Director Oscar.  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones also have major roles.

21 Grams (2003):  Del Toro plays Jack Jordan, an ex-con who kills a man and his two children in a car crash.  Sean Penn and Naomi Watts also star.

Sicario (2015):  Del Toro plays Alejandro Gillick, a former Mexican lawyer turned CIA partner, in this tale about the CIA's efforts to combat the illegal drug trade.  Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin also star.

This is a really good film in some respects: acting, suspense, etc.  But there are a couple eye-roll inducing writing mistakes and it's a bit too political.  Also, the ending seems lifted from Traffic.

Other notable Del Toro films include License to Kill (1989), The Usual Suspects (1995), Snatch (2000), Sin City (2005), and Things We Lost in the Fire (2007).    

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  1. i loved fear and loathing in las vegas, but yeah, you're right. it's not for everybody, and it most assuredly is hard to watch at times. but both del toro and depp were fantastic in their roles.