Thursday, July 29, 2021

Deal with the Devil


So Chris the Collector had another online swap meet.  This one was basketball.  I sent him a PWE of players from his want list and he sent me a PWE of 1992-93 Ultra in return.  

So I'm happy with our trade.  

The Collector (


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spring Cleaning

So Kerry (Cards on Cards) was doing some spring cleaning and he offered a pick-a-team box of cards to people who sent him cards from his want list.  I sent him some 2020 Allen & Ginters for his set build and picked the Phillies for my return cards.  He sent a lot of cards, so let's just look at some highlights. 



-  A couple 1979 Topps of 1980 title team core contributors.  

-  1996 card of a key contributor from the 1993 pennant winners. 

-  Elite base stealer (2006).  

-  2013 Topps Archives of the GOAT

-  2013 Topps Chrome orange refractor

-  2014 Bowman blue parallel - SN500

-  Best sports mascot ever (2015).

-  2019 Allen & Ginter of the 4-time Cy Young Award winner

-  The Phanatic again (2019).

-  2020 Topps Fire of the Big Easy  

-  2020 Topps Opening Day

There were some Abreus and Burrells.  A few Utleys and Rhys Hoskinses.  A couple Thomes.  A Cole Hamels insert honoring his no-hitter at Wrigley.  So yeah - plenty of goodness.  

Note:  Images from TCDB, except for the Halladay and Ruiz, which are both from eBay.  

Friday, July 23, 2021

My Collection at a Glance


Oldest:  1954 Bowman

Most Valuable (according to TCDB)


-  1983 O-Pee-Chee

-  2018 Bowman

Most Popular Brands:  Topps and Donruss




-  1971-72 Topps 

-  1971-72 Topps

Most Valuable (according to TCDB)


-  1997-98 Topps

-  1972-73 Topps

Most Popular Brands:  Hoops and Topps




-  1958 Topps

-  1959 Topps

Most Valuable (according to TCDB)


-  1970 Topps

-  2018 Donruss

Most Popular Brands:  Topps and Pro Set



-  1971-72 O-Pee-Chee

Most Valuable (according to TCDB)


-  1972-73 O-Pee-Chee

-  1975-76 Topps

Most Popular Brands:  Upper Deck and Upper Deck Victory

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A to Z On the Gridiron

Did one for baseball, so I figured I'd do one for football.

All these cards are in my collection.

A:  Lance Alworth -  AFL star.

B:  Ron Brown -  Got his autograph at a track meet.  Olympic gold medalist in track and All-Pro return man in football.    

C:  Harold Carmichael - Eagles legend.

D:  Brian Dawkins - Eagles legend.

E:  John Elway -  The Broncos were my #2 team for about 20 years.    

F:  Nick Foles - Eagles legend.

G:  Shaquem Griffin -  The Jim Abbott of the NFL.  

H:  Bob Hayes -  Another track guy.  Pro Football Hall of famer and 2-time Olympic gold medalist. 

I:  Raghib Ismail -  Rooted for him when he played for Notre Dame.  Saw him score a TD against Stanford in the only D1 game I've attended. 

J:  Ron Jaworski - Eagles legend.

K:  Jason Kelce - Eagles legend.

L:  Steve Largent -  Record setter.

M:  Patrick Mahomes II -  Star player.  Fun to watch.

N:  Ozzie Newsome -  Stud as a player.  Stud as a GM.  

O:  Christian Okoye -  The Nigerian Nightmare.  

P:  Walter Payton - Sweetness.  

Q:  Mike Quick - Eagles legend.

R:  Ed Reed -  The talent of Ray Lewis without the off-field crap.   

S:  Bart Starr -  Old school legend.    

T:  Pat Tillman - American bad ass.  

U:  Johnny Unitas -  Used to be the GOAT, but Brady kept winning. 

V:  Adam Vinatieri -  Have to include a kicker. 

W:  Reggie White - Eagles legend.

X:  Vacant.  Dexter Manley had literacy issues, but I'm not going out of my way to include a Redskin. 

Y:  Roynell Young - Eagles legend.

Z:  Chris Zorich -  Another guy I rooted for during my Notre Dame phase.