Monday, September 18, 2017

Elliptical Contest Standings

Ericka:  14
Tex:  8
Birgit:  2
Hilary Rhoda:  0

So with three rounds remaining, the title has come down to Ericka vs. Tex, with the young upstart holding a six-point lead over the defending champion.

Second place is still up for grabs, even for people who haven't scored any points yet. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Nine

The 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will take place on September 17th. 

Predict the winners of the categories listed below.

Winner will receive 3 points.

Deadline: The beginning of the TV broadcast. 

1.  Best Drama Series

2.  Best Comedy Series

3.  Best Reality-Competition Program

4.  Best Variety Talk Series

5.  Best Actress in a Drama Series

6.  Best Actor in a Drama Series

7.  Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

8.  Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

9.  Best Actress in a Comedy Series

10.  Best Actor in a Comedy Series

11.  Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

12.  Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


An Elliptical Contest: Round Eight (Closed)

August is Romance Awareness Month.

Name the celebrity couples who are / were romantically involved with each other.

Three points for the winner.

1.  Her:  Uptown Girl
     Him:  Piano Man

2.  Her:  Outspoken swimsuit model.
     Him:  Musician with an arrogant name.

3.  Her:  Australian actress who's been French, American, and Irish in films.
     Him:  A couch-jumping Scientologist.

4.  Her:   Star of Rosemary's Baby.
     Him:  One of the best directors of all-time.

5.  Her:  Frequent Playboy model.
     Him:  Motley Crue drummer.

6.  Her:  Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit model.
     Him:  Guns N' Roses lead vocalist.

7.  Her:  Lori Singer's bff in Footloose.
     Him:  Ferris Bueller

8.  Her:  Depression-era bank robber portrayed by Faye Dunaway.
     Him:  Depression-era bank robber portrayed by Warren Beatty.

9.  Her:  Posed pregnant and naked on a Vanity Fair cover.
     Him:  Moonlighted, died hard.

10.  Her:  Blonde talk show hostess.
       Her:  Blonde actress.

11.  Her:  Also was involved with Arthur Miller and JFK.
       Him:  Yankees center fielder.

12.  Her:  Star of legendary Pepsi commercial.
       Him:  Allegedly did nasty things with gerbils. 

13.  Her:  British / Lebanese human rights lawyer.
       Him:  Actor famous for dating younger women. 

14.  Her:  Spice Girl.
       Him:  English soccer star. 

15.  Her:  Brazilian super-model.
       Him:  Super Bowl winning quarterback.

16.  Her:  Sexy and controversial comedienne.
       Him:  Late-night talk show host.

17.  Her:  Playwright and controversial memoirist.

       Him:  Blacklisted and imprisoned mystery novelist. 

18.  Him:  Saw the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness...
       Him:  Authored a poetry collection; should have stuck to farming.

19.  Her:  Best-selling female musician of all-time.
       Him:  Two-time Best Actor Oscar winner. 

20.  Her:  Crazy Japanese "artist".
       Him:  A Beatle.

Deadline:  August 15

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Clearly, I need to stop scheduling posts before they're finished. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Elliptical Contest Standings Update

Through seven rounds:

Ericka - 11
Tex - 5
Birgit - 2
Nikki Haley - 0

There are five rounds remaining, with three points per round.  So the U.S. Ambassador to the UN still has a chance, as does anybody else who hasn't scored yet.  

Saturday, July 1, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Seven

For this round, I want your Mt. Rushmores. But instead of dead presidents, please pick four Americans who were not President. Living or dead is acceptable.  Please include a brief explanation of why you chose each person.

Three points for a valid entry.

Deadline: July 8

Monday, June 5, 2017

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic: A Review

She's a talented writer.  But the problems start with the title itself.  As Hopper admits, it's not even true.  The highest profile piece in the collection seems to be Hopper piggy-backing on the work of a man.  Two of the back cover blurbs are from subjects of her articles.  She was employed by another.  She also worked for Pitchfork, which presents more ethical problems (see: R. Kelly).  She seems more interested in making bank off feminist credentials than actually earning those credentials.  Perhaps the saddest part is that she has enough skill as a writer to make it on her merits.  

"It's a song of failure.  It's realizing that sometimes the best you've got to give isn't much of anything at all."  (re: Van Morrison's "T.B. Sheets")
- "I Have a Strange Relationship with Music"

"I want it. I need it. Because all these records, they give me a language to decipher just how fucked I am. Because there is a void in my guts which can only be filled by songs."
- "I Have a Strange Relationship with Music"

"Emo's yearning doesn't connect it with women - it omits them."
- "Emo: Where the Girls Aren't"

"I've never seen a woman so naturally give less of a fuck."  (re: Anya Davidson, of Coughs)
- "Viva La Filthy Noise! Coughs' Secret Passage"

"A lot of art, great art, is made by despicable people." - Jim DeRogatis
- "Conversation with Jim DeRogatis Regarding R. Kelly"

"So we're not talking about rock star misbehavior, which men or women can do.  We're talking about predatory behavior.  Their lives were ruined." - DeRogatis
- "Conversation with Jim DeRogatis Regarding R. Kelly"

"She's playing it like a rebel, but she's simply being who we've goaded her to be."
- "Miley Cyrus / Bangerz"

Thursday, June 1, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Six

June is GBT Pride Month.

In a strange coincidence, round six is all about famous peeps of the g, b, or t persuasion.

Identify the people in the pics. First with a perfect score earns three points. If no perfect score, the first entrant with the most right gets the points.

Deadline: June 15














14 and 15




Thursday, May 4, 2017

April Recap

I only read 4 books in April.





I participated in the A to Z Challenge again.  Tried to double dip, with mixed results.

Cruised Earth Fair one weekend and Art Walk the following weekend.  Bought Britt a birthday gift at the latter, so I'm prepared for September. :)

The madre visited.

Received a free book from Australian Erin, as well as a bookshelf animal. First, I thought it was a kangaroo. But it's tailless, so then I thought it's a koala. But the face really looks like a kangaroo, so maybe they just left the tail off for kicks and giggles.  The book is the first one above. I liked it, but it's not for everybody. 

Couldn't get the wrapper off a plastic egg full of candy, so I used the cork screw part of a Swiss army knife. It worked, but I kind of sliced my hand open.

Nobody entered Round Four of my contest.  I guess nobody wanted to dye eggs pretty colors. :(

The NFL draft happened. Now I need something else to pointlessly obsess over to fill the void.

Anyway, if you're interested in visiting Australian Erin:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Five

It's Kentucky Derby time. So place your bets.

Pick one horse. 

Win - 3 points
Place - 2 points
Show - 1 point

Long-shot Bonus: One additional point for a top-3 finish.  Long-shot will be defined as a horse with 20-1 odds or longer. 

Bets are due by 3:30 PM Pacific Time, Saturday. 

If you're of legal age:

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Bookish Thoughts: Z

Z Is for Zimmerman, Robert

In 2016, Mr. Zimmerman (Bob Dylan) stormed the castles of Sweden and returned home with the Nobel Prize in Literature.  It is now back in the United States, where it belongs.




A to Z Challenge: Bookish Thoughts: Y

Y Is for Yesteryear (and yore, days of)

Usually, the old books are boring. But not always. Here be recs of writing that was originally  published before 1900.




A to Z Challenge: Bookish Thoughts: X

X Is for X-Rated

However, there isn't much reading involved in hard-core pornography.  So let's talk about Playboy magazine. The long-running joke is: I only read Playboy for the articles.  Well, I don't know about the articles, but a lot of quality writing has been published in Playboy as shot stories or excerpts of novels.  Anyway, recommended books by authors who had their writing published in the infamous magazine: