Friday, July 8, 2016

Film Friday

Kevin Bacon was born on July 8, 1958.  So you know what that means.  It's time to play...

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I'll describe a movie.  You name the movie, the actor / actress connected to Kevin Bacon, and the movie they were in together.

Degree 1:  Rich guy picks up a blonde hooker.  Turns out she's more like a redhead.  Yada yada.

Degree 2:  Rich guy picks up a blonde with cross-dressing tendencies.  One of them is a slave to love.  But which one? 

Degree 3:  High school guy picks up a hooker.  Enjoys public transportation with her.  Drives car into lake.

Degree 4:  Weird guy picks up a blonde.  She's not into porno flicks though.  Times like these call for a mohawk, and maybe a hooker.

Degree 5:  Office guy picks up a waitress.  Smashes a printer.  Embezzling scheme goes awry; saved by fire.

Degree 6:  Snickers in the pool.  Gophers on the golf course.          



  1. ok..the first one is Pretty Woman. The 3rd one is Risky Business. The 5th film is Office Space (hilarious) and the last one is Caddyshack (stupid but so funny). Not sure about the others

    1. I feel like I'm supposed to like Caddyshack more than I do.

  2. one. pretty woman. julia roberts / flatliners.

    two. nine and a half weeks. kim basinger / batman / jack nicholson / a few good men.

    three. risky business. tom cruise / a few good men.

    four. taxi driver. robert deniro / sleepers.

    five. office space. jennifer aniston / picture perfect.

    six. caddyshack. bill murray / ed wood / johnny depp / black mass.

    did i do it right?

    1. You added an extra step for 2 and 6. It should just be movie I described / actor / movie the actor was in with Kevin Bacon.

      It's my fault for not being more clear. I shall fix that. You may re-submit your answers for 2 and 6 only.

    2. well, then i don't know the answers to two and six.

  3. I am closing this. Jenn had most of the answers. 2 was 9 1/2 Weeks, Mickey Rourke, Diner. 6 was Caddyshack, Bill Murray, Wild Things.