Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Elliptical Halloween Advice

Office Party:  Don't be that annoying person who wears the same costume every year. 

Treating the Munchkins:  Don't be those people who give out fruit for Halloween.

Costume (Ladies' Version):  Don't confuse sexy with slutty.

Costume (Men's Version):  Don't try to upstage your gf or wife.  As at weddings, nobody cares how the guy looks.  Get over yourself.

Costume (Kids' Version):  It's all about maximizing your door knocks.  So wear something comfortable that doesn't restrict your freedom of motion.  Masks often restrict range of vision, so consider face paint instead, if possible.

Bartender or Waitress / Waiter:  Working on Halloween but not wearing a costume?  I can't even right now.

Lady at Bar:  Keep a close watch on your beverage.

Party People:  Don't drink on an empty stomach.  Don't drink and drive.  Don't try to convince me Stella Artois is a good beer.

Movie Watchers:  Check back Friday for some recommendations.           


  1. 1) What is your costume?
    2) What goodies will you be handing out to the kiddies?
    3) AMEN! (Seriously, when did female costumes get so slutty?)
    4) Hehe!
    5) Good insight...
    6) I am neutral on this topic.
    7) & 8) AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!
    9) Check!

    1. I don't celebrate Halloween. I just advise other people on how to celebrate it.

      1. No office party. No costume. No hope for the future.
      2. I live in an apartment building, so no trick-or-treaters.
      9. You've probably seen most of them. Though I have all day tomorrow to add more, I suppose.

  2. Great advice. I think I’m just going to eat candy and read a book on Halloween night.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. If that's what makes you happy. Though I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who would be happy to meet you.

  3. I never try to repeat my costume. 2 years ago I was Goo fromGumby and Pokey. I love your list and fruit was always thrown out and so were the tons of peanuts we always got. This Monday, for the first time, I am not handing out candy but going to a special movie event. I will be seeing The Shining and Freaks on the big screen!

    1. I had the bendable Gumby and Pokey when I was young. Though I had to look up the show on Wikipedia.

      I've seen bits of The Shining and I saw the remake with Rebecca Demornay. I haven't seen Freaks, but I can quote that one scene. Ha.

      Have fun.

  4. you know some restaurants have dress codes for their staff, right, and don't let their people have fun because they're stupid? just saying...

    and i'm with aj on this one. candy and a book sounds like a fine idea.

    1. Ha. It's possible that the kinds of places I go to can't afford to be formal. Or that I over-generalize because it's easier.