Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Contest Winners

Tex is the winner, with 3 points.  Her prize will be mailed soon. 

Birgit finished in second place.  She scored the most points for a non-U.S. resident.  If she doesn't contact me soon, I will try to contact her about prize arrangements.

If I do a 2017 contest, it will be more organized.  But the prizes won't be any bigger.  LOL.  


  1. I am a winner?? Yahoo! So how does one go about contacting each other:)

    1. If you leave your mailing address in the comment section of an old post, I'll send you something. And I'll delete it.

      Or you can sign up for Amazon dot com and start a public wish list. Then post the link to the wish list in an old post. This way I wouldn't see your mailing address, because Amazon would just send you the item.