Friday, March 25, 2016

Film Friday

It's Sarah Jessica Parker's birthday.  So let's get to it.

Footloose (1984):  A young SJP lives in a small town where dancing is forbidden. She has hopes and dreams, yet is shunted aside by her boot-wearing friend.  Not only does her friend land the rebel with all the dance moves, but our beloved SJP has to share her screen shot with an extra.     

L.A. Story (1991):  SJP now resides in L.A., where the weather is warm but Steve Martin's heart is cold.  Notice how the sun lightened her hair color. 

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992):  Engaged to Nic Cage but wooed by James Caan?  Oh my.  Also, as shocking as it may seem, there is gambling. 

Striking Distance (1993):  SJP has relocated to Pittsburgh, where she finds a river, or three.  Bruce Willis is a lonely boater. 

Sex and the City (TV Show) (1998 - 2004):  New York is the city.  SJP is a sex columnist whose three friends just happen to be blonde, brunette, and redheaded.  Notice how she's progressed over the years.  She's like an Amazon woman dominating the sign here. Not that I'm complaining. 

Questions for readers:  What do these four films and one TV show have in common?  (Other than SJP being in all of them.)

I used a different film summary style in this one than in previous posts.  Do you prefer this one or should I return to the IMDB summaries?    


  1. oh... you would ask that question about commonality. and i will spend valuable time scouring imdb's pages trying to find the answer when i should be scouring the pages stacked on my floor for a w-two.

    as for you other question, like your summaries better.

    and thank you for leaving the comment on ericka's guest post. this post of yours was fun, and i shall do my best to read more of them.

    1. okay. twenty minutes in, and i give up. tell me!

    2. They're all location specific. Like you can't have Footloose in Detroit, for example.

  2. Not sure what all of these have in common. But I like your summaries. :D

    1. I like Julianne Moore. As for Clooney, it was just a bad casting decision.