Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Favorite Stores

This was a struggle for me.

Amazon dot com:  I've bought a lot of shirts and books through here.  Downloaded some music to my computer.  It's nice to shop online, but I have to have the items sent to my mom's house, because the UPS here stinks. So sometimes it takes a few months for me to get my stuff.

Book Depository:  They sell books and ship for free world-wide.  They use the USPS, so I can have them sent directly to me.  Sometimes, they include a free bookmark.  You can get some good deals on here if you wait for the right time.
Ross:  Cheap clothes, and I've bought a few rugs here.  Within walking distance of my apartment.

Macy's:  Another clothes store I can walk to, as I'm avoiding ending my sentences with prepositions.  It's wise to shop here when they have a sale.

J.C. Penney:  Yes. Another clothing store. They sell the hiking shoes I like.  I got a shirt for $2 last time I was here.  It's 4X so it totally covers my butt when I don't tuck it into my pants.

Barnes & Noble: Back in the day, this was the primo bookstore. Both in the physical world and online. 

Fifth Avenue Books:  Used bookstore.  I sell a lot of books to them after I read them. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. They have a good mystery / crime section.

Ralph's:  Grocery store.  Some good deals to be had, especially on stuff that's about to expire.

Babette Schwartz:  Kitschy gift shop that no longer exists.  They had Day of the Dead stuff and Dia de los Muertos stuff.  Bwahahahaha. Wonder Woman lunch boxes, silly cards, a lot of random goofy stuff.  Not all of it kid-friendly.

Villainous Lair:  A comic book shop. I had a pull list, so they saved the issues I wanted, and I only had to show up and buy them a couple times a year. They give discounts for people with pull lists, so that was cool. I'm just not reading comic books anymore. 


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  1. Love your list. Here, in Canauckland, I love Giant Tiger and the Book Depot...great deals.