Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Recap

I won an NFL pick 'em contest.  

Tried unsuccessfully to get a pretty bartender interested in Britt.

Round Two of the Elliptical Contest happened.  Ericka won by proving her Oscars expertise.

Current Standings

Ericka - 5
Birgit - 2
Tex - 2

I experimented with a new cereal - Life.

My used bookstore of choice went out of business, so I bought a lot of books on the cheap.

Finished 11 books in February.  These are my favorites:
Bukowski for Beginners by Carlos Polimeni

 Up in Honey's Room by Elmore Leonard

The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard


  1. you read eleven books in twenty-eight days? that's pretty impressive.

  2. Yes, 11 books in 28 days is very impressive!

    I'm not so sure I have Oscar expertise; Oscar luck, definitely!

    So, how did the cereal experimentation go? Is LIFE a Go or a No Way, Jose?

    1. It really isn't impressive. It just means I don't have a life.

      I had the vanilla kind. It's good enough for the sale price. Better than the boring ones but not as good as Reese's Puffs.

    2. The miss fun cereal. The last cereal I had was Cheerios, the regular kind, back in December. I have to be smart with my calories these days and fun cereal doesn't deliver much bang for it's buck in terms of fullness and nutrition given I'm in weight loss mode.

      I still think it's impressive, E Man. :)