Friday, September 2, 2016

Film Friday

Let's get to it:

The Reader:
Based on the novel by Bernhard Schlink.  A teen-ager has an affair with an older woman in 1958 West Germany. When he encounters her again, in 1966, the circumstances are quite different.  Kate Winslet as the woman.  David Kross as the teen-ager and then young man.  Ralph Fiennes as the man when he's older.  It's a well-acted film.  But I think the viewer is being asked to accept certain things or believe certain things that don't make sense.   

Draft Day:
Kevin Costner is the GM of the Browns.  The film follows him through the day of the draft as he deals with trade offers, evaluating prospects, personal matters, an annoying owner (Frank Langella), and an unhappy coach (Denis Leary).  This is kind of a football movie for people who don't follow football too closely.  Some of the stuff that happens just isn't realistic.  I could have done without the mother scenes.  But I liked Jennifer Garner as the capologist / Costner's girlfriend.  The movie moves along at a good pace.  Several real-life NFL analysts have cameos, as does Commissioner Roger Goodell and former Browns stars Bernie Kosar and Jim Brown.

Note:  The top running back prospect is played by Arian Foster, a real-life NFL running back who went undrafted out of college.           

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo:
From the novel by Stieg Larsson.  A disgraced journalist and a rebellious computer hacker team up to investigate a decades-old disappearance.  Rooney Mara, as the title character, has an edge to her that makes her sexy without being pretty.  Daniel Craig does a decent job, and for much of the film seems like the main character.  Neither of them is without questionable acts, though I was able to root for them still.  I didn't like the ending. 

Warning:  Do not watch this film with children or your parents.  Or with nuns.       

Hemingway and Gellhorn:
Clive Owen as Ernest Hemingway and Nicole Kidman as Martha Gellhorn, a war correspondent and his third wife.  David Strathairn as John Dos Passos.  Tony Shalhoub as a Russian.  I thought Owen was inconsistent; like sometimes he overdid it.  Kidman was excellent, per usual.  The ending seemed corny.             

Fifty Shades of Grey:

A young woman meets a wealthy man who has a certain interest.   Wow.  For a movie based on a book (E.L. James), this sure was some crappy writing.  Dakota Johnson's Anastasia is pretty, but not really sexy.  Mr. Grey reminded me of Dawson's Creek.  Anyway, I spent half the movie rolling my eyes.  It's wildly popular with women though.  :)    

Question for Readers:  There is something wrong with one of the above pics.  What is it? The first person to post the correct answer gets a point.      


  1. i have no idea what's wrong with the above pics, so i'm just gonna throw out that clive owen as hemingway surely is a joke.

    1. Ha.

      Since you're the only person to guess, I'll give you a clue: it might be less factually wrong and more like it's wrong as relates to my sense of order.

  2. I am behind in so many posts....I enjoyed the reader but, for some reason, I found it a bit irritating. I have not seen Draft day but it looks like a fun movie to see. The Girl With The Dragon tattoo is excellent and I thought Craig's "anger-face" works well here..I agree with you about the ending. I have not seen the Hemmingway film but would like to and I can't believe you watched 50 Shades. Thankfully this is one gal who has no desire to see dreck. Now, as for your riddle....I am only guessing with the added hint you gave Jenn and Say it is The Reader as it looks like it is more from the 1950's and not the late 30's or 40's. Am I close??

    1. The names don't match the faces on the Dragon Tattoo poster.

      Anyway, nobody got it, so you're still only one point behind the leaders.