Friday, September 23, 2016

Film Friday

Ex Machina
A young computer programmer is invited to the home of tech genius Oscar Isaac, who has been working on an advanced A.I.  Not sure what to think of this one.  Something seemed off, or missing, or rushed, or whatever.  But it's a compelling film.   

Sketchy dude (Gyllenhaal) enters the fast-paced world of crime scene / accident scene video documentation for the nightly news.  Rene Russo plays the cougar / local news show director who buys his footage.  I think that, for a movie that seemed to be trying hard to be bold and edgy, it took the whimpy way out in an important aspect of the story.  Also, there are a couple plot points that I don't think are at all realistic.  However, it did enough right to deserve a casual thumb up.     


  1. I know what you mean about Ex Machina. I consider it a good movie but not a great film. It's also one that is not likable. I have not seen NightCrawler because it just didn't appeal to me.

    1. Well, the main character is a creep. So you're fine not seeing it. :)