Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscars Bonus Post

Woo hoo!

Best Original Screenplay

The other nominees were All that Jazz, ...And Justice for All, The China Syndrome, and Manhattan.  The first two were good but not consistent enough.  TCS was overrated.  So it's the winner vs. Manhattan, and I'm comfortable with the Academy's vote.

The other nominees were Diner, E.T., An Officer and a Gentleman, and TootsieE.T. is a children's movie.  Tootsie is well-acted, but a bit overrated.  An Officer is good, but kind of actor-driven.  So it's the winner vs. Diner, which is a good, script-driven film, despite featuring talented actors.  I agree with the Academy on this one.

The other nominees were The Big Chill, Fanny and Alexander, WarGames, and Silkwood.  I haven't seen the second one.  The first one is known more for its soundtrack than anything else.  WarGames was good once, but I have no interest in seeing it again.  So it's the winner vs. Silkwood.  I think the Academy got it right, though not clear-cut.

The other nominees were "Crocodile" Dundee, My Beautiful Laundrette, Platoon, and Salvador.  I haven't seen the second one.  Salvador is way too biased.  The first one is one heck of a comedy.  Platoon is one of the best war films of all-time.  I would pick the latter, and Dundee would be my second choice.  Hannah is a good film, but a tier below Woody's best.

The other nominees were Crimes and Misdemeanors, Do the Right Thing, Sex, Lies, and Videotape, and When Harry Met Sally.  The third is edgy, or was then at least.  Entertaining, but not exactly best of the year material.  The fourth is known for one scene.  The first IS one of Woody's best.  The second is better than plenty of films that won the award.  I would vote for either of these two over the winner, which had its moments, but was too much of a cheese fest to deserve this award.

The other nominees were As Good as It Gets, Boogie Nights, Deconstructing Harry, and The Full Monty.  I haven't seen the last one and have no interest in it.  DH is another good film from Woody Allen, but not one of his best.  So it's the winner vs. the first two of the others.  I would vote for Boogie Nights, with the winner edging out AGAIG for second.       


  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Breaking Away; it is one of my all-time favorites.

    1. Yeah. It's a good film. In a quiet way, so maybe that's why it doesn't get talked about much.

  2. Very interesting but love The Full Monty!! Not a winner in this category but love it. I like Good Will but think Boogie Nights and As Good As It Gets is better.

    1. The Full Monty just seems too gimmicky for me.

  3. i think you know how i feel about dead poets society and how it got robbed on numerous occasions. so you'd think i'd be happy that it won best screenplay. not so fast. i think the screenplay for when harry met sally was a whole lot better. the final product can't compete with dead poets. there's no competition there. but the harry/sally script is a thousand percent better than dead poets.

    1. I find your struggle between soft-hearted girl and hard-nosed Texan to be quite fascinating. :)