Friday, April 7, 2017

Around the World in Thirty Days: F

F Is for France

Location:  Western Europe
Capitol:  Paris
Largest City:  Paris

France in Film:  Amelie, Dangerous Liaisons, Quills, To Catch a Thief,
The Three Musketeers, Moulin Rouge!, Breathless, La Belle Noiseuse

France Between the Covers:  Les MIserables, A Tale of Two Cities, 
A Moveable Feast, Paris France, The War

Chambord Castle
Mont Blanc

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Brigitte Bardot
Napoleon Bonaparte
Claude Debussy

Coco Chanel
Catherine Deneuve
Paul Gauguin
Henri Matisse
Laetitia Casta
Ste. Jeanne d'Arc

One more for the road:  
The Absinthe Drinker - Edgar Degas


  1. She looks like she just had some absinthe:) I loved Paris because there was just so much to see and it really is a walking city as long as you avoided the dog poop. I would add Jean Gabin, Jean Paul Belmondo, Maurice Chevalier, Danielle Darrieux, Michele Morgan, Jean Cocteau. In films.....there are many but I would add Funny Face and French Kiss.

  2. My experience with France is mixed and limited. I was only in the country for 3-4 days. I loved Normandy, despised Paris. The beaches of Normandy, with the rusting, crumbling Nazi fortifications along the coast were surreal. The gypsies that hounded us every where we turned in Paris were a nightmare....

    1. i did not like paris AT ALL. the french countryside, though... that's a glorious thing.

    2. You're quite the well-traveled woman. The only one I've been to so far is Canada.

    3. Traveling is about the only thing I've ever wanted to do since I was a kid. I was very fortunate to have traveled with several student groups as a chaperone.

  3. I love the castle photo. I really want to see a castle in real life someday.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. how come, with the exception of coco, the photos of women are of the scantily-clad variety?

    1. There are six women - three fully clothed and three less so. One of the latter group was a lingerie model and one was one of the best known sex symbols of her era as an actress. I don't think the Deneuve pic is that racy, but again - she was an actress who relied at least partly on her physical attractiveness. It's not like I'm sitting in a tree taking pics of female chemists in their negligees.

      Also, because it's my blog not yours. I like to look at attractive women. I've certainly by-passed a lot of more racy pics of the same women than the ones I've posted on this blog.

      Also, because France is France. I'm not going to force somebody into my blog just to be p.c. Duras is mentioned in the book section near the top. Nin is overrated. Marie Antoinette stumbled into history. I already have two actresses, and it's a country that produces mostly films in a different language than mine. But clearly you think I snubbed some women. So who?