Thursday, December 1, 2016

After the Gazebo - A Review

Note:  A slightly different version of this review first appeared on Goodreads in November 2016.


"After the Gazebo" -  A marrying couple.  
"The White Room" - Sci-fi?
"Do Not Pass" - Antiquing in Ohio.
"The Suit" - A chance encounter on a bus.
"The Snowstorm" - A snowstorm.
"Movie Night" - A storm.
"Scratching the Silver" - A man's return home.
"Synchronicity" - House robbers.  
"Types of Circus" - An odd romance.
"The Regular" - An older man's daily routine.
"The Driver" - At the DMV.
"A Whole Toy" - At a fast-food restaurant.
"Afterthought" - A woman after her husband has died. 
"No Worries" - Office life.
"All He Had to Give" - A woman, a turtle, and men.
"Lying to Old Men" - A woman talking to a doctor.
"Static Time" - A surprise for mom.
"Getting There" - Mother and daughter.
"On Paper Plates" - Sister and brother.
"Two Flew Away" - A boy and his older brother.
"Animal Control" - Two partners in animal control.
"Disengaged" - An older woman.
"A Glimpse" - A woman on her 35th birthday.
"My Children in Times New Roman" - Pregnancy test.

Favorites:  "After the Gazebo", "Synchronicity", "Afterthought", "No Worries"

There's a lot of content related to familial relationships.  She's comfortable writing about different age groups, including the AARP demo.  She doesn't shy away from flawed characters or flawed lives.

Anyway, I rated it 4 / 5 stars, which is pretty good coming from me.  This is the stand-out line, though:

...  I dance for perverts because having a pervert tell me I'm hot makes me feel wanted.
-  "Lying to Old Men"


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