Friday, December 2, 2016

Film Friday

Tex's Film Challenge

1.  Adolescence:  Rocket Science
2.  Rebirth:  Laura
3.  Comic Book Character:  The Amazing Spider-Man  
4.  Set in Washington, D.C.:  Zero Dark Thirty
5.  Set in an Academic Environment:  The Rules of Attraction
6.  Failure:  Nine
7.  Man vs. God:  Clash of the Titans
8.  Man vs. Himself:  Inside Llewyn Davis
9.  Invention or Ingenius Individual:  Imitation Game
10.  Prison:  Ex Machina
11.  Dog:  Saint Laurent
12.  Loss:  Elegy
13.  Man vs. Man:  McCabe and Mrs. Miller
14.  Man vs. Nature:  Jeremiah Johnson
15.  Monster:  Dune
16.  Pennsylvania:  Silver Lining Playbook
17.  Quest:  Alphaville
18.  Rags to Riches:  A Most Violent Year
19.  Man vs. Society:  Howl
20.  Made in the 1930's:  The Blue Angel
21.  Undesirable Elements:  Silkwood
22.  A Voyage and Return:  Knife in the Water
23.  Witchcraft:  The Loves of Hercules
24.  Made in the 1960's:  The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
25.  A Yearning or Obsession:  Fifty Shades of Grey

Completed:  10:40 PM, November 30. 


  1. This is quite an interesting challenge. I like your answers

    1. I only watch what the library offers. But they're free rentals, so I won't complain.

      Here's Tex's blog:

  2. dude. i missed this. i'm impressed that you watched all these. shame on me for not acknowledging it until now. i'm a shit.

    way to go, sir.

    1. Ha. I think I watched four in the last day. Because I have no life. :)