Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Weekly Clean-Up


-  Suspending my Movie Match Monday posts.  Though I have a few half-done, so they might show up in the future.  

-  I was waiting for Marquise Goodwin to get an Eagles card, so of course he opted out.  Now I need to decide if I want him as a Bill or a 49er, and then try to trade for him on TCDB.  Is the Goodwin family's health more important than my Football Plus custom set?  

-  After 3 consecutive blood drives I signed up for got cancelled, I finally hit the 5 gallon mark with the San Diego Blood Bank.  So now I can go back to selling my body for heroin. 

-  Decided to start a 100-card baseball frankenset.  It's way behind my football one though. 

-  In my football team pages, there are 3 teams that have empty slots still.  Jags and Texans both make sense, because they're newish teams.  Can you guess the other team?  

-  Toying with the idea of a BHLM custom set. Not sure how feasible it is.  Do I count biracial players, like Grant Fuhr and Dirk Graham?  

-  Had to go down the hill for a jug of water, so I got more hockey packs from my dealer while I was down there.  

Six packs:

1990-91 Upper Deck #26 Joe Nieuwendyk Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #54 Wayne Gretzky Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #55 Ed Belfour Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #63 Jeremy Roenick Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #73 Luc Robitaille Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #154 Brett Hull Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #162 Guy Lafleur Front   1990-91 Upper Deck #201 Bill Ranford Front 

1990-91 Upper Deck #315 Brian Leetch Front   1990-91 Upper Deck - Holograms/Stickers #NNO Steve Yzerman Front  

-  The Soft One - Look how clean that uniform is.  Third period even.

-  A couple Blackhawks rookie cards.  Including the Belfour, I added 5 more goalie cards to my collection.    

-  Bill Ranford AW - Not from the season Edmonton jobbed the Flyers.

-  Brian Leetch / Rangers CL - 6 more team checklists, so I now have 14 of the 21.

-  I pulled 2 of these Hologram Sticker inserts.  Both are Steve Yzerman, but Gretzky, Brett Hull, and Mark Messier are also available.  


  1. A. Belfour and Roenick are two of my least favorite former Sharks.

    B. Huge fan of UD holograms... except I've gotta say the 90/91 ones weren't their best examples.

  2. A. The Sharks had Doug Wilson too. They liked those former Blackhawks.

    B. I like the shiny borders, but the picture is really vague. It might end up as a throw-in if a hockey fan wins one of my give-aways.

    1. Yeah. Wilson has been a solid GM for the team. I'm still butt hurt that Belfour bounced for less money. As for Roenick... he was a great player, but after he called Marleau gutless... I stopped being a fan of the guy.