Friday, April 8, 2016

A to Z Challenge: G

Today's offering is a poem about religion. You've been warned. 

I ramble a bit. Tomorrow's post will be more concise.  


God is dead, reported Nietzsche,
and it’s true he’s been assassinated
by Stalin and again by Castro
just to be sure. But these killers
came after Nietzsche.

The left-wing philosopher
announces that he’s searched
and all he’s found
is that there is no God.
Not even a corpse
or a skeleton.
But my religion is less certain,
more open to debate. I see
Him as an absentee landlord
oblivious to the joy and misery
in his earthly estate. I see
Her as a distracted mother
who gives her children the car keys
and looks away as they smash the fender.

Modern Christians mock the ancient,
outdated myths, yet pray to a man
who turned water into wine,
walked on water,
multiplied the loaves with a flick of his heavenly wrist,
recovered from a week of death.

I know enough of God
to know that I don’t know,
I’ll never know.
I guess everything came
from something but something
had to exist first. So if God
was first, who or what
created God? 
I don’t need
a god to appreciate the shape
of a woman’s body
or the colors of a sunset.
I don’t blame God
or deny God
whenever humans suffer. I know
my good deeds are grains of sand
on an endless beach.
I know my failures are drops
of water in an eternal sea.

I know my life is as meaningless
as the echo
of silence.


  1. Your life cannot be "as meaningless as the echo of silence" -- if nothing else, I enjoy reading your blog whenever I make it here! In Proverbs, "Wisdom" says she existed before God ... or at least before Creation ... I don't know -- if you somehow put him/them "outside" the Universe then they don't need to follow the rules of the universe ...

  2. Thanks for taking part in the challenge: lovely poem.
    Damyanti, AZ cohost 2016

  3. Ahh yes, the question of God? One can ponder and ponder. Crusades and Wars were done in his "honour". I never understood why I should fear God if he is always forgiving. You raise many questions and I hope there is one and that there is more to our life than the one we know right now.