Friday, April 1, 2016

Film Friday

If you are looking for my A to Z Challenge post for April 1, it's the post before this one.

Anyway, today is April Fools' Day.  So let's ignore that and honor Abraham Maslow's birthday with five films that represent the five levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

The Milagro Beanfield War (1988):  We start with Physiological needs, which are the physical requirements for human survival. These include water, which is at the center of the MBW, as historians refer to it.

Surviving the Game (1994):  Next we have Safety needs.  You can have water, food, shelter, and clothing. But it doesn't matter if dudes are trying to kill you.  Such is the situation for cinematic legend Ice-T.

The Breakfast Club (1985):  The third level of human needs is Love and Belonging.  We visit a high school where each detention server conveniently fits a different social category.

Stand and Deliver (1988):  We now transfer to a different high school, because - let's be honest - if Molly Ringwald is the beauty queen, it's a lame school.  Abe Mas (as his friends call him) designated the fourth level as Esteem.  Respect from others and self-respect, sometimes in the form of AP Calculus. 

Rocky II (1979):  The fifth level is Self-Actualization.  Maslow described this level as the desire to become the most that one can be, to accomplish everything one can.  For some people, this means winning the world heavyweight boxing championship.


  1. This is pretty good to use movies to explain all this. I love the Melagro Beanfield War, it's such a great movie. I had to laugh at your comment about Molly Ringworm ...I mean Ringwald.

  2. hey there. you'd asked about the fifty flicks before fifty and whether it should be geared more for women. just make the list. the fifty best films you've seen in your lifetime that you think everybody ought to see.

  3. Breakfast club!! Yes, so love that flick!

  4. Outstanding. I'll admit I was looking for The Dude when it came to self-actualization.

    1. Are you referring to The Big Lebowski? I haven't seen it, so it wasn't eligible. I haven't seen any films called The Dude either.

    2. Yeah, I was thinking of Lebowski.

    3. Yeah. I know it's a popular movie. I just haven't seen it.