Saturday, April 30, 2016

A to Z Challenge: Z

Z is for zed.  Today is the last day of the challenge. Enjoy this Z to A poem, if you can. 

Guest Roles

Zombies are eating brains for dinner.
X marks the spot
Where I

Uh oh!
They see us,
Smell us, or hear us.
Run, Forest Whitaker, run!
Quickly but quietly, good thespian.
Parts on AMC shows
Only come occasionally,
Not like Lauren Cohan.

Meat is murder, Morrissey
Lamented.  But these slow-moving
Killers don’t seem to care about
Jurisprudence.  Let’s discuss our escape route,
Ignoring the lame script in favor of oddly
Humorous ad libs…  It’s just a prop gun, Forest.
Getting upset won’t help. While the zombies
Feast on your abdomen, I will hurry forth,
Eluding the undead for another episode.

Don’t cry, just because my agent is better
Connected than yours. One
Bullet between the eyes
And you can go on Dancing with the Stars.   

Here's Ms. Cohan, demonstrating the proper teeth brushing technique:

I leave you with this, dear reader: 


  1. Quite a finale! Congrats on completing the challenge. Have a good one!

    Ericka from
    A Quiet Girl’s Musings…

  2. I wish blogger had a 'like' button! Grande Finale indeed. Congratulations.

  3. Ok...see I missed your last post! This was brilliantly done to place all the letters of the alphabet at the beginning but in reverse. I am not one for zombies but I love DWTS:)

  4. Great job completing the challenge. I petered out around M. Great variety in your posts also.

    1. Thanks. I don't have much of a life, so I had no excuse.