Sunday, July 31, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Royals

You have 24 hours to submit your Senators picks.

This will be a ten-point round.  I want the usual nine players, plus one non-player who is better known as a player for a different team. 

One card is from the version that became the Twins.  The other eight cards are from the version that became the Rangers.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Reds

There has been a perfect round.  Jafronius (formerly Jaffronius) got 9 / 9 Red Sox.  I owe him a PWE of cards after the contest ends. 

You have 24 hours to submit your Royals picks. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Standings

Through twenty rounds, or through the Pirates.

Brett Alan - 119.  Susan's ex continues to set the pace.  Will he stumble down the stretch?

Matt - 107.  Yankees super fan has put himself in good position to claim a top 3 prize.

Bo - 104.  Not his best five-round stretch, but he's hanging on to a tie for third.

Jafronius - 104.  Despite an in-game name change, tied for third thus far. 

Fuji - 103.  A big five-round stretch has him one point out of the top three.

Nachos Grande - 98.  A consistent performer when he shows up, now within striking distance of the top three.   

Poison75 - 79.  Like Mickey Rourke, we thought he was done.  Then he came back and was getting some of that Marisa Tomei action.

John Sharp - 72.  He gives me too much credit for out of the box thinking. 

bbcardz - 62.  Might have to start playing for the perfect round prize.

Lost Collector, Crocodile, Jeff B, anybody else:  Probably playing for a perfect round prize at this point.  

Prizes for the Top Three and a perfect round if there is one.  The Yankees are a two-pager, so 17 of 18 will get a prize.    

My MLB Team Pages: Pirates

You have 24 hours to submit your Rangers picks. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Pilots

No Segui because he wasn't available when I was building the page.  Though I've found a new source, so I might get him eventually. 

Images from TCDB, per usual.

You have 24 hours to submit your Pirates picks.