Monday, May 30, 2022

Time Traveling


Sent some more cards to Waynesboro, got some 1970s football in return. 

-  1971 Dan Sullivan (RC):  Started in two Super Bowls, won one. 

-  1974 Charlie Smith:  Scored two TDs in the Heidi Bowl, including the game-winner.  

-  1975 John Rowser:  Won a Super Bowl with the Packers. 

-  1976 Dick Himes:  Played ten seasons for the Packers, the last eight as a starter. 

-  1979 Ron Yary:  All-1970s team.  Hall of Famer.  

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Cardbarrel Order


Portrait of an Artist - David Hockney

So I bought 63 cards in this order.  Let's peruse a few highlights. 

-  5 from '66.
-  3 from '74
-  3 from '82 Donruss 
-  7 from '83 Donruss (Boggs RC)
-  7 from '87 Donruss (Maddux RC)
-  3 from 2021 Stadium Club

-  5 from '85 Donruss - all DK
-  4 from '86 Donruss - all DK

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Scoring from My Dealer


I bought a box of 2021 Topps Big League.  Eighteen packs of ten cards per, for a total of 180.  Let's look at some highlights:

-  I like the different colored borders to match the teams.  Dodgers should have been blue though.  

-  Not sure what to think of Bauer.  Seems kind of like he's being punished for accusations because people would rather be p.c. than fair.  

-  I got several action shots of ball meets glove. 

-  Only one mask card.

-  This slot was supposed to be a green foil (SN75) of Patrick Corbin, but the photo isn't up on TCDB.  So you get a Yank instead.  

-  Orange parallels were 1 per pack - a brighter orange than shown here.  

-  Art of the Game, by Darrin Pepe.  1 every 4 packs.  I like the fronts, but the backs are lame.

-  Defensive Wizards - 1 every 4 packs.  I like 'em, but I wish they had varied the background a bit. 

-  Wanted - 1 every 4 packs.  I would have shown them with their gloves.  

-  Good collation.  

-  Trade stash listed on TCDB.         

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Party On, Waynesboro!


I got some free cards from Matt, the Diamond Jester, who reached the five-year milestone with his blog. 

There's a 10-card set of Wacky Packages horror film stickers, but I couldn't find it on TCDB.  I found a set that seemed to have the same name, but they're different films.  Anyway, my favorites are Halloweenies (hollow hot dogs) and Spamityville: The Uncanning.

-  1982 Topps - their first year with logos after a lengthy unlicensed phase. 

-  2008 Braves team set     

-  Does Kobe or LeBron have a Middle Eastern nation named after him?      

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Monday, May 9, 2022

Almost Free

Got some almost free cards from Jim, of Cards as I See Them.


-  The straw that stirred the drink.

-  Best ever?  

-  Not Tom Seaver.  Ha. 

-  Topps Fire, which didn't always show both names on the front. 

cards as i see them

Tuesday, May 3, 2022


I scored some free cards from Tom, of Angels in Order.

Let's look at the highlights:

-  I couldn't find this one on TCDB.  Pretty sure it's a real auto, but no idea how many he signed.  

-  The art cards are the best thing Pro Set did during this era.  

-  He gave away a lot of Abbott cards.  I snagged four. 

-  Hall of Famer.  

-  I also got a Fred McGriff and a Jeremy Maclin. 

Photos from TCDB, except the Offerdahl, which is from a web search. 

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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Time Traveling


I made another trade with Matt, the Diamond Jester.

Let's look at what I got:

-  I like me some DK, though it's not from one of the DK sets I'm actively building. 

-  My oldest Seau.

-  My first Russell.

-  My oldest Youngblood.

-  The 49ers retired Snead's number. 

-  My first Robertson.

-  The Commanders were known as the Redskins back in the day.

-  Roy wasn't getting past me, obviously. 

-  1978-79 OPC

Anyway, photos from TCDB.  A few of these have centering issues, but other than that they're in good shape. 

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