Monday, June 22, 2020

Card Collecting 26: Custom Set Completed (for now)

I now have at least one card of every Heisman Trophy winner 1968 - 2018.  

1976 Topps #300 O.J. Simpson Front   1977 Topps #269 Archie Griffin Front 

I didn't originally plan on O.J. being the lead card.  It was 'during my lifetime', then it was 'starting with 1970', then I noticed the gap with Gary Beban not having a card so I went after O.J. and Steve Owens and now have every winner since the gap except Burrow. 

Griffin won it twice, so it's 50 winners but 51 years. 

1979 Topps #331 Earl Campbell Front   1988 Topps #328 Marcus Allen Front 

The Campbell represents one of my more annoying trade experiences.  Allen was a pack pull.   

1988 Topps #327 Bo Jackson Front   1989 Score #86 Tim Brown Front 

Bo was a pack pull.  Brown was one of the first NFL stars I had followed at the college level.

 1994 Stadium Club #371 Charlie Ward Front   1994 Stadium Club #371 Charlie Ward Back  

Charlie Ward:  I think I'll go to the NBA without getting a card in an NFL uniform, just to annoy Elliptical Man. 

2010 Topps #440 Tim Tebow  Front  2014 Topps #429 Johnny Manziel Front  

Jekyll and Hyde.

2018 Donruss #317 Lamar Jackson Front      


Anyway, here's my entire list on TCDB:      

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Card Collecting 25: Saturday

Because I refuse to bow to the peer pressure of Friday.  :)

U.S. mailing addresses only.

Only people who have previously commented on this blog please. 

First person to identify the blasphemy theme gets the cards. 

I'll notify the winner in a response to that person's comment.   

He or she should email me an address:   morganyud at protonmail dot com

Contest expires in 24 hours.  Extending it to Monday 9:00 AM Pacific.

2014 Topps #201 Calvin Johnson Front
Calvin Johnson - 2014 Topps
1993 Stadium Club #173 Derrick Thomas Front
1993 Stadium Club  

2011 Topps #392 Clay Matthews Front
2011 Topps
2011 Topps #170 Jason Witten Front
2011 Topps

2011 Topps #384 Chad Greenway Front
2011 Topps
1990 Pro Set #321 Gary Clark Front
1990 Pro Set

1999 Topps #84 Ed McCaffrey Front
1999 Topps


Friday, June 19, 2020

Card Collecting 24: Random Thoughts

-  So I realized recently that I only need six more 1991 Donruss Diamond Kings cards for the complete set.  Have a proposal on the table on TCDB and am awaiting a response. 

-  I've been keeping cards in penny sleeves when I put them in nine-pockets.  Not sure if I should.  But if I take them out, I still won't be sure.  Ha.  

-  Certain bloggers have category want lists up but they don't make it easy to send them cards.  Not a big deal, but annoying enough for a random thoughts post. 

-  Took a look through my modest hockey collection.  Those All-Star game uniforms are effing lame.  Yet, they're the same color scheme as the Flyers, the best-looking team in the history of the sport.  Weird.   

-  Now let's look at a random video:


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Card Collecting 23: Wikipedia Wednesday

1975 Topps #47 Tommy John Front

I'm going to try this and see how it goes.  I'll pick a player I know something interesting about, look him up on Wikipedia, and see if there's enough other interesting info for a post. 

What I Knew:  Dude has a surgery named after him.  

His MLB Career:   September 1963 - May 1989.  288 -  231, 3.34 ERA.  Four-time All-Star.  

Wiki Info:  
-  He was his high school's valedictorian, but did not deliver a speech due to a stuttering problem.
-  Set the Terra Haute, Indiana record for points in a game in high school basketball and was recruited by Kentucky.
-  Pitched for the losing team in three Dodgers - Yankees World Series.   
-  His dentist was Mark McGwire's father.  
-  The oldest player in MLB in 1988 and 1989.
-  His son, Travis, fell from a third-floor window and was in a coma for 17 days before fully recovering.
-  His son, Taylor, was in the Broadway production of Les Miserables. 
-  His daughter, Tamara, married Chicago Bears long snapper Patrick Mannelly. 

1964 Topps #146 Indians Rookies Tommy John / Bob Chance Front
1964 Topps 

1966 Topps #486 Tommy John Front
1966 Topps
1976 Topps #416 Tommy John Front
1976 Topps
1982 Donruss #558 Ron Guidry/Tommy John Front
1982 Donruss (with Ron Guidry)
1984 Topps #415 Tommy John Front
1984 Topps

1986 Fleer #422 Tommy John Front
1986 Fleer
1988 Donruss #17 Tommy John Front
1988 Donruss 

That card at the top?  His Topps card from 1975, which he missed entirely while rehabbing after his famous surgery. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Card Collecting 22: Incoming

So my dealer has opened up again on a limited basis - one customer at a time I think.  I had some store credit to spend and I was hoping for a certain basketball card I had seen a while back.  But he couldn't find it.  However, I did get a football card.

1974 Topps #500 Roger Staubach Front
1974 Topps
It's #500, so it doesn't help my frankenset.  But it upgrades the Cowboys team page in my binder.  It's tough finding good players for them.

Then, on Wednesday, I received my winnings from Tim's Cardpocalypse give-away. 

2017 Donruss - Top Tier Cracked Ice #TT6 Jimmie Johnson Front
2017 Donruss
An SN999 Cracked Ice insert that's shinier in real life.  My first racing card.  Might have to build a mini collection of just Hall of Famers and Danica.  #RacingSnob   

2000-01 Upper Deck - Touch the Sky #T1 Kobe Bryant Front
2000 Upper Deck
A Touch the Sky insert.  My first Kobe.  Yet, I have several Jordans.  I'm sure this has nothing to do with being old.  (sigh) 

1982 Donruss #8 Rod Carew Front
1982 Donruss
What's better than Diamond Kings?  Pre-junk era Diamond Kings.  Also, a good way to avoid those nasty fake autos on 1982 Topps. 
2015 Topps Strata
  SN99 swatch card.  Had to go to Bing for the image; this is from CJ's Card shop.

1970 Topps #502 Rollie Fingers Front
1970 Topps
Listed as 6'4", 178 on the back.  LOL.  Eat something, Rollie.     

Useless Trivia:  Fingers played for the 1966 Modesto team that won the Advanced A California League title.  His teammates included Reggie Jackson, Joe Rudi, Tony LaRussa, and Dave Duncan.  

So yeah - Tim hooked me up.  Here's a link to his blog:

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Card Collecting 21: Give-Away Winner

So there was one entry.  I went to the random number generator and asked for a number between 1 and 1.  I got 1.  So that meant the first entry was the winner.   

Congratulations to The Diamond King.  You are the winner.  Please email me your mailing address to the email I provided in the contest post.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Card Collecting 20: Ten On the Tenth (give-away closed)


Time for a give-away.

Only people who have commented on this blog previously. U.S. addresses only.  Winner should email a mailing address to morganyud at protonmail dot com.   

To enter, just post a sentence or two about your favorite baseball player.  I'll use  a random number generator to select the winner.  Entry deadline - 24 hours after this post goes up.

These are the cards you'll be playing for:

1992 Score

1988 Topps

1992 Score #781 Lee Smith Front
1992 Score

2000 Upper Deck Victory #412 Ken Griffey Jr. Front
2000 Upper Deck Victory

See the source image
1999 Pacific

1992 Fleer #688 Jose Canseco Front
1992 Fleer

1993 Stadium Club Ultra-Pro #9 Willie Mays Front
1993 Stadium Club Ultra-Pro

1991 Donruss

1990 Topps #750 Dale Murphy Front
1990 Topps

1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery #61 George Foster Front
1992 Action Packed All-Star Gallery

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Card Collecting 19: A Rose By Any Other Name

would hit as sweetly.

1979 Hostess #144 Pete Rose  Front

Now that we've dispensed with the weird intro, we can get to the purpose of this post: names.

 1969 Topps #430 Johnny Bench Front 

2005 UD Origins #265 Prince Fielder Front

1981 Topps #323 Jim Morrison Front

1976 Topps #256 Rowland Office Front

1976 Topps - Traded #74T Oscar Gamble Front

2013 Bowman - Blue #121 Mike Trout Front   1972 Topps #272 Mickey Rivers Front

1991 Conlon Collection TSN #114 Urban Shocker Front

1969 Topps #409 Bob Moose Front

1972 Topps #169 Vida Blue Front

1981 Topps #229 Rollie Fingers Front

The Doors' singer would have been a youngish 33 when the infielder made his MLB debut in 1977.  Just sayin'.

I never knew Dillinger went over to the other side.  In Canada no less.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a definitive list.  I'm sure people can come up with other guys that should be on here.  Should I have included Steve Lake?  The eternal questions...