Thursday, September 21, 2023

Final Leaderboard and Prize Instructions

Jafronius - 185
The Angels, in Order - 181
Bo - 170

Bo had an early lead, but he skipped a two-page team for some reason.  
TAiO was within one point of Jafronius with two teams left.
Bo was in a fight for third with John Sharp going into the final week.

TAiO had the only perfect page.
Trevor P. got 8 / 9 Texans, which is good enough.  

The order for claiming prizes:
TAiO (2nd place)
TAiO (perfect page)
Trevor P.

The prizes:
-  A silly kids' book called Football Super Stars.  Includes twelve mini profiles of NFL players: a color photo on one page and text on the adjacent page.  Published in 1986, there are three Bears and two Giants.  Jim McMahon on the cover.  Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Marcus Allen, and Randy White are included.  

-  Miscellaneous PWE

-  Pro Set PWE

-  Topps Attax PWE

-  College Uniform PWE

-  Mixed PWE of any or all 2 - 5.  

Please email me your address and the number of prize selections - ranked by preference - that correspond with your place in the order.  Examples:  Jafronius is first, so he only needs to pick one prize.  Bo is third, so he should rank three prizes.

Football Team Pages: Vikings

That's it.  

Check back for the final standings and instructions for claiming prizes. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Football Team Pages: Texans

Next up are the Vikings (the last team) with three defensive linemen.

On Thursday, I'll post the final standings and instructions for claiming prizes. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Football Team Pages: Steelers

Next are the Texans, with two RBs, two WRs, and two LBs. 

It's a brutal page, so I'll extend the bonus PWE to eight of nine.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Football Team Pages: Seahawks

Next are the Steelers.  This is a two-page team, so you get 18 guesses.

The first page is offense, with three offensive linemen.  I don't have any Lynn Swann or Rocky Bleier cards.

The second page is defense, with four LBs.  I don't have any L.C. Greenwood cards.