Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Card Collecting 5: Incoming


So I received three envelopes in the mail: one had free cards and the other two were trades.

Free 2020 Gypsy Queen baseball cards from Rod at Padrographs:

2020 Topps Gypsy Queen #96 Xander Bogaerts Front   2020 Topps Gypsy Queen #266 Miguel Cabrera Front

So props to Rod for hooking me up with my first GQ cards.

Trade with Eric, from TCDB:

1988 Topps #190 Dan Marino Front   1989 Score #13 Dan Marino Front

2018 Donruss - The Champ is Here #CHAMP-16 Jake Elliott Front 

The Score Marino is #13, like his uniform number. :)

Trade with Mike, from TCDB:

2004 Topps #26 Dante Hall Front   2009 Topps - Cheerleaders #C4 Emily C. Front

In other news that isn't worth its own post:  I had sponsored a series of mini contests on TCDB and have started to send out people's cards.

I also sponsored an NFL Draft contest for a larger card bundle.  Was kind of disappointed more people didn't enter it.  But it got a few entries, so it could've been worse. Ha.   Anyway, I have the winner's stash packaged and ready. I should get it out today.

Lastly, I feel like I should transition my better cards to 9-pockets and binders, but I currently don't have access to Target or my local hobby shop.  So they're going to be stuck in boxes a while longer.  At least they're in top loaders.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Card Collecting 4: Customized Sets

A lot of card collectors like to build complete sets.  Other than almost getting there in 1987 with Topps baseball, I am not one of these collectors. It's too expensive and there are too many cards that only matter because they're part of the set. Also, the sets are too big.

However, I love customized sets.  Or theme-based collecting. Since I got back into collecting, I have been working on a few of these. Mostly football.  The results have been ... let's be generous and say mixed. Ha.   


I decided to work on this when I got the Archie Griffin rookie.   I need Steve Owens, and then I'll have them all from O.J. Simpson through Kyler Murray.

 1976 Topps #300 O.J. Simpson Front   1977 Topps #269 Archie Griffin Front

1988 Topps #327 Bo Jackson Front  1987 Topps #170 Bo Jackson Front

1989 Score #86 Tim Brown Front   


I noticed that they don't get much love in the card collecting world.  So here we are.  I have a Dante Hall coming through a trade, and then I'll just need a Stephen Gostkowski to have all the special teamers on the 100th anniversary, 75th anniversary, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s NFL teams.

1972 Topps #61 Jan Stenerud Front   1977 Topps #320 Ray Guy Front

1984 Topps #300 Morten Andersen Front   2011 Topps #36 Devin Hester Front

CLUB 100 

Kind of like a Frankenset.  But I have a feeling Sportzcommish's 'best player of each uniform number' set might have inspired this.

Anyway, 100 cards numbered 1 through 100 / 100 players, so no player repeated.  I need 24 and 76, and either 33 or 63 because I currently have Tom Brady for both of them.  Then it will just be a matter of finding better players or better cards for certain numbers.

1971 Topps #1 John Unitas Front   1970 Topps #59 Alan Page Front

1976 Topps #75 Terry Bradshaw Front   1988 Topps #5 Walter Payton Front 


I've abandoned this one because there are more than I thought. I got a couple Fred Dryers though, and the O.J. shown above.

1970 Topps #247 Fred Dryer Front   1978 Topps #366 Fred Dryer Front


This one is too hard to do without buying online.  There aren't a lot of people trading them on TCDB. The hobby shop had some ABA cards, but kind of random.


Another one I abandoned because there are too many of them.  Bo, obviously, as shown above. 

1990 Topps #469 Deion Sanders Front   1990 Donruss #427 Deion Sanders Front

1992 Pro Line Portraits #427 Brian Jordan Front
Brian Jordan
1982 Topps #125 Danny Ainge Front

1972 Topps #105 Bob Hayes Front   1986 Topps #80 Ron Brown Front


I abandoned this one because it's too hard to decide who's a bust and who merely had a disappointing career.

1990 Topps #139 Tony Mandarich Front    1998 UD Choice #257 Ryan Leaf Front 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Card Collecting 3: Repack Adventures

I made a trip to Walgreen's for some cleaning supplies and while I was there I bought three Fairfield football boxes.

One of the main things I noticed is that each of the three boxes had a pack from a different set.  One was 2020 Leaf Draft, one was 1991 Pro Set Platinum, and the other one was 1992 Fleer.  Usually, it's the same set represented in each box.

Best Leaf Draft Card

Best 1991 Pro Set Platinum Cards
1991 Pro Set Platinum #8 Bruce Smith Front
Bruce Smith
1991 Pro Set Platinum #25 Emmitt Smith Front
Emmitt Smith

Best 1992 Fleer Cards
1992 Fleer #386 Steve Young Front   1992 Fleer #472 Ronnie Lott Front

As for the 225 loose cards, there were a lot of Pro Set.  Most of them went to my contest offerings / trade box or my commons box. But a few made it to my keepers.

Best Pro Set Cards - Both from 1990

1990 Pro Set - Super Bowl MVP's #16 Joe Montana Front
Card number 16 :)
   1990 Pro Set #26 Ted Hendricks Front

Best of the Rest

2000 Topps #370 John Abraham Front
Rookie Card
2013 Topps Chrome #141 Reggie Wayne Front
Reggie Wayne Chrome

2008 Topps #351 Chris Johnson Front
Rookie Card
    2012 Score #61 Brian Urlacher Front

Best Adds to My Trader Box

2013 Bowman #100 Peyton Manning Front   

2012 Panini Gridiron #5 Larry Fitzgerald Front
2013 Topps #414 Lane Johnson Front
Lane Johnson Rookie Card

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Card Collecting 2

Things I Don't Like That You Probably Do

Fake Autographs

1980 Topps #50 J.R. Richard Front

Horizontal Cards
(Ho cards)

 2010 Topps #110 Wes Welker  Front

Late Career Cards of Players On Wrong Teams
(talking about good players we associate with certain teams but they played somewhere else in their twilight years)

2001 Score #213 Bruce Smith Front

Shared Rookie Cards
Here's the rookie card of one of the best baseball players ever.

1973 Topps #615 Ron Cey / John Hilton / Mike Schmidt Front

Airbrushed Team Logos