Saturday, March 3, 2018

Random Update

So I need a lot of dental work, but my blood pressure's too high.

Rent went up again. 

Been catching up on cinema: the Hunger Games quadrilogy, Star Wars VII, American Psycho, etc.

Volunteered at Chelsea's Run this morning and nobody got hurt.

Looks like I made it through Girl Scout cookie season with only buying six boxes.

The madre's coming down on the 10th.  She should have some stuff that I had mailed to her because the UPS here sucks.  A Dexter Gordon CD, a book, and a daily planner: Christmas in March.

I just realized that I missed Amy Wallen's book release event because I'm an idiot.  It's now 5:26 and it started at 5 in a different part of town. 



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

--  There is obviously a problem. It is not a simple one that can be fixed with one solution.  But simply paying lip service to it isn't helping.

-- The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms. It doesn't say any arms we want with no restrictions ever.  Free speech is restricted.  The right to assemble is restricted.  Et cetera.    

--  In 1791, women were not allowed to vote in this country and black people were treated as property in some states.  So maybe we can honor the spirit of the Bill of Rights without treating it as sacred.

--  How exciting is your life that you think you need an AR-15 to defend yourself?

--  If you ban guns, the only guy with a gun will be the criminal.  We can't keep people out of our country, but you think we can keep guns out?  (Congratulations, Australia. You're awesome. You're also an island.)

--  Yes, there are other guns.  But if we're talking about limiting damage, we should be talking about restricting access to the guns that do the maximum damage in the minimum amount of time.  
--  Yes, professional criminals will still be able to get assault rifles.  Do you know where the underground gun store is in your neighborhood?  I don''t see the Mafia or MS-13 shooting up schools.  I see troubled loners doing it.    

--  If you have a problem with the Republicans and their NRA ties, I expect you to have a problem with Hillary Clinton and her ties to Jeff Forbes.

--  Laws only work if they're enforced.  So if you ban the AR-15, I hope you're prepared to follow through on it.  I don't want whining about taxes, or a free pass because he's a Stanford swimmer, or sympathy because she's gay or black or whatever.

--  Wayne LaPierre and Dana Loesch like to insult anybody who doesn't march lock-step with their opinions.  This might be great for the choir, but it's also a good way to alienate those of us who are sick of the extremism on both sides.

--  Why are we still talking about background checks?  Shouldn't this be obvious?

--  The Vegas shooter used a bump stock. Why was that legal?

--  Democrats love to insult gun owners.  Should they not be allowed to defend themselves?

--  Oklahoma City, World Trade Center, Boston Marathon.

--  It's easy to blame the shooter.  But he didn't parachute down from outer space at 2:18.

--  How many people feel so marginalized and mistreated that the only way they can make themselves heard is by doing something extreme?

--  Remember when we were going to be less divisive after Heather Heyer's death?  That went well.