Saturday, February 24, 2024

Scoring from My Dealer

Bought a blaster of 2023 Score football at Walmart.  Not an ideal set for me, with college unis and ho cards aplenty, but it's the best there is with Donruss not available.

-  The Celebration (5), Sack Attack (4), and Huddle Up (3) inserts are ho cards, so they're available for trade. 

-  All the rookie related cards are college unis, so they're available for trade. 

-  The best looking card is an Ellipse parallel of Peter Skoronski, but the pic isn't up on TCDB.  It's a print run of 199.

-  A bit of a Josh Allen hot box, with his base, a Celebration insert, and a Huddle Up insert.

-  Not a single dupe, so no complaints about the collation.         

Thursday, February 22, 2024

My Teams vs Your Teams


My Teams                                                   Your Teams

-  Starting eight plus a DH

-  Starting pitchers

-  Bullpen

-  Bench

My teams are the Phillies, Oakland A's, and Padres:  the three teams I've rooted for during my life.    

It's the last 50 years, because the Padres and Oakland A's are somewhat new compared to teams like the Yankees and Cardinals.  I'm already giving you guys way more teams to draw from, so I need something to even the playing field.  Ha.

I avoided juicers.  Go ahead and file your complaints about other exclusions though.  Jeff Kent?  Curt Schilling?  Steve Garvey?