Saturday, February 26, 2022

Card Draft Recap


So I got a slot in a card draft, sponsored by the Diamond King. 

The Diamond King

I sent him 9 cards and was able to draft 9 to get in return.  It was an 8-player draft, but 90 cards were available, because DK offered up 27 instead of 9.    

Round One:  

Best of the Rest:  Defgav (3) landed a 1970 Dal Maxvill. 

Me (2):  1973 Lou Brock

Round Two:  

Best of the Rest:  Nachos Grande (13) took a fancy Derek Jeter.

Me (15):  Dalvin Cook swatch card

Round Three:  

Best of the Rest:  Matt (23) took an arty Kirby Puckett.

Me (18):  Ichiro   

Round Four:  

Best of the Rest:  GTT (32) got an Ichiro. 

Me (31):  Rick Mahler.  My joke about his retired number fell flat.  

Round Five:  

Best of the Rest:  Bbcardz (37) snagged a modern Jackie Robinson.

Me (34):  Jeter

Round Six:  

Best of the Rest:  GTT (48) got a fancy Evan White.

Me (47):  J.D. Martinez   

Round Seven:  

Best of the Rest:  Matt (55) took a Deion Sanders.

Me (50):  Austin Riley

Round Eight:  

Best of the Rest:  Night Owl (59) took a Javier Baez insert.

Me (63):  Gerrit Cole

Roud Nine:  

Best of the Rest:  Diamond King (72) took an A-Rod.

Me (66):  Jeff Bagwell    

One thing that could have gone better was the interest level in the cards I sent.  With 10 groups of 9 cards, that's an average of 7.2 per group that got drafted.  Only 6 of mine got drafted.  

But I had a good draft, even if I wasn't sharing a bottle of champagne with an attractive woman.  

So I'll play again if I get the chance.  

(Images from the Diamond King.)

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Scoring from My Dealer


I gave up some cards for store credit which I used on these:

-  The '59 Snyder I got is flawed, but it's good enough for me.  

-  '69 Stargell

-  The Reggie was a mistake.  I thought it came out in '77, but it's from '97.  It was the cheapest of the three, so I'm not too broken up about it.  Available for trade.

Then I paid cash for this:

-  '73 Reggie with bad photography.  Ha. 

Images from TCDB, per usual. 

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Clean-Up

It's been a while since I've done one of these. 

-  Cards on Cards sponsored a College Bowl Pick 'Em contest and generously awarded prizes to the top three.  So, of course I finished fourth.  Definitely feel robbed, as I was on the wrong side of both the Music City Bowl b.s. and the Corral injury.  All my wins were 30-point blow-outs.    

Cards on Cards

-  Cooperstown added some people.  David Ortiz got in from the modern side and I would have voted against him.   Curt Schilling should be in, but media hacks don't like his political views. 

-  Canton added some people.  Seems like an underwhelming class to me.  Art McNally as a contributor or whatever and Richard Seymour are the guys I would have voted for.  I like Eagles legend Dick Vermeil, but one ring seems good not elite.  Tony Boselli was a stud, but he didn't play very long. 

-  With the mask mandate ending, I was hoping to make a trip to Target and a card shop.  But the mandate is still in place for another month on public transit.  :(

-  Been playing Wordle.  Getting the word in 4 or 5 guesses usually.  So, average I guess.  Not doing as well in Worldle.  But I'm American, so I'm supposed to suck at geography.  :)  

-  When I finish this roll of Scotch tape, I'll look for the blue kind if I remember it.  Apparently, it's the people's choice. 

-  Signed up for a card draft that Diamond King is sponsoring.  Hope the other drafters don't know about the recent price surge on ho cards and fake autos.  

The Diamond King

-  Was rooting for the Bengals in the Super Bowl.  Seemed a bit odd that the refs started calling a tighter game when the Rams were threatening for the game-winning score.  But I won a dollar because the guy from the deli gave me 4 1/2 points.  We bet big.  

-  I didn't watch the halftime show.  Dre, Snoop, and Eminem seem tremendously overrated and kind of sketchy too.  Blige is somebody I keep thinking about giving more of a listen to, but I never get around to it.  If it had been her and LL Cool J, I would have watched.  

-  Fuji and the Diamond King won my Super Bowl pool.  Their PWEs went out on Tuesday.  

-   Jessie Diggins and Lindsey Jacobellis.     #WinterOlympics  

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Super Bowl Pool Winners


Diamond King - Rams 3

Fuji - Bengals 0

It didn't take long to zoom through the numbers, so I might as well post them now.

bbcardz:  Bengals 1, Bengals 2, Bengals 9, Rams 1

Diamond King:  Bengals 3, Rams 0, Rams 3, Rams 4

Fuji:  Bengals 0, Bengals 4, Bengals 7, Bengals 8

John Sharp:  Bengals 6, Rams 5, Rams 7, Rams 8

Matt:  Bengals 5, Rams 2, Rams 6, Rams 9

Scoring from My Dealer


Unloaded some more cards and got another 2021 Topps Series 1 tin and a pack of soft sleeves for $20 plus the store credit. 

I will not be posting the highlights of the soft sleeve pack.

-  Vlad's son.

-  Yadier Molina stealing home.

-  The only masked card in the tin.

-  Tatis Jr.

-  cup card

-  1952 Topps redux

-  70 Years of Topps

-  1952 Topps redux - chrome

-  70 Years of Topps - chrome

Those last two don't look chrome on here, but they do in real life. 

Monday, February 7, 2022

Super Bowl (Closed to Entries)


U.S. or Canada only.

Previous commenters only. 

Comment with who you want to win.  

I'll consult the RNG twenty times and assign each number 0 - 9 for each team to a participant.  If less than twenty people enter, which I expect, people will get more than one number.  I will post people's numbers before the game starts.  Not sure exactly when, but probably on Friday.

Two winners based on the final score.  Example:  Bengals - 63, Rams - 0.  The winners would be whoever had 3 and whoever had 0.   

Deadline:  Thursday, Noon Pacific

Prize:  A PWE of football cards.  

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Cardbarrel Order


72 cards, but I'll just show a few.

-  1961 Topps
-  1973 Topps for the same name collection.
-  A couple 1978 OPC of the other Willie.
-  1978 Topps
-  1979 Topps
-  2017 Topps First Pitch

Of the 72 cards, 17 are 1978 Topps and 10 are 1979 Topps.  Five each of 1972 Topps and 1976 Topps.