Thursday, May 4, 2017

April Recap

I only read 4 books in April.





I participated in the A to Z Challenge again.  Tried to double dip, with mixed results.

Cruised Earth Fair one weekend and Art Walk the following weekend.  Bought Britt a birthday gift at the latter, so I'm prepared for September. :)

The madre visited.

Received a free book from Australian Erin, as well as a bookshelf animal. First, I thought it was a kangaroo. But it's tailless, so then I thought it's a koala. But the face really looks like a kangaroo, so maybe they just left the tail off for kicks and giggles.  The book is the first one above. I liked it, but it's not for everybody. 

Couldn't get the wrapper off a plastic egg full of candy, so I used the cork screw part of a Swiss army knife. It worked, but I kind of sliced my hand open.

Nobody entered Round Four of my contest.  I guess nobody wanted to dye eggs pretty colors. :(

The NFL draft happened. Now I need something else to pointlessly obsess over to fill the void.

Anyway, if you're interested in visiting Australian Erin:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Five

It's Kentucky Derby time. So place your bets.

Pick one horse. 

Win - 3 points
Place - 2 points
Show - 1 point

Long-shot Bonus: One additional point for a top-3 finish.  Long-shot will be defined as a horse with 20-1 odds or longer. 

Bets are due by 3:30 PM Pacific Time, Saturday. 

If you're of legal age: