Thursday, March 9, 2017

An Elliptical Contest: Round Three

March is Women's History Month.

Your task for this round is to interview a woman who is not related to you.  I expect ten questions (of your choosing) to be answered. Please include an introduction to your interviewee before the Q and A.

Two points for each qualified entry.  

Deadline is the end of March. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Books (Update: Closed)

I have books to give away.  They're all paperbacks.  If a book goes unclaimed, I'll donate it to the library.  18-plus only and one per person please.  I'll pay the shipping.

Deadline: Friday night.



The next three might require patience, as I haven't read them yet. But they are next in line.




Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Recap

I won an NFL pick 'em contest.  

Tried unsuccessfully to get a pretty bartender interested in Britt.

Round Two of the Elliptical Contest happened.  Ericka won by proving her Oscars expertise.

Current Standings

Ericka - 5
Birgit - 2
Tex - 2

I experimented with a new cereal - Life.

My used bookstore of choice went out of business, so I bought a lot of books on the cheap.

Finished 11 books in February.  These are my favorites:
Bukowski for Beginners by Carlos Polimeni

 Up in Honey's Room by Elmore Leonard

The Hot Kid by Elmore Leonard