Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Time Traveling


I sent some cards to Virginia and got these back:

-  1955 Bowman Bucko Kilroy - now my oldest football card

-  1977 Harvey Martin - upgrade for the Martin in my Cowboys team page

-  1977 Vince Papale

-  1979 Tommy John - might use this for my trivia page, might stick with a Yankees card

-  1983 Fleer Ted Simmons

-  1992 -93 Ultra Jaromir Jagr

Diamond Jesters (

Monday, March 28, 2022

Contest Update

Lost Collector - 10

John Sharp - 9

John still has Villanova.  

LC is done.

Friday, March 25, 2022

The Draft Lives of Others

So I missed the latest card draft because Diamond King's posts stopped showing up in my feed.  Then when I figured out what was wrong, it was over.  But I always have opinions.

I identified 15 cards that stood out from the rest.  Let's see where they went.

Round One

4 of the 15

Best Pick (Crocodile):  Ozzie Smith

Round Two

1 of the 15

Best Pick (Chris):  Skip Schumaker

Round Three

0 of the 15

Best Pick (Diamond King):  Bill Buckner

Round Four

1 of the 15

Best Pick (gcrl):  Takahito Nomura

Round Five

2 of the 15

Best Pick (Crocodile):  Kobe Bryant

Round Six

3 of the 15

Best Pick (Chris):  TraeYoung

Round Seven

2 of the 15

Best Pick (gcrl):  Steve Carlton

Round Eight

1 of the 15

Best Pick (Diamond King):  Derek Jeter


Round Nine

1 of the 15

Best Pick (Nick):  Jose Abreu

Crocodile and Chris each landed 4 of my top 15.

Best Value:  DK's Derek Jeter in Round Eight

(photography by Diamond King)

The Diamond King

Thursday, March 24, 2022

TCDB Trade

Sent some Bears cards to Hawk King and got these in return:


-  Currently in my Giants team page.  Not sure for how long though.

-  Phillies legend

-  Like me some Tony.

-  Rip is oddly tough to get on Cardbarrel.  

-  The Arch is one of the landmarks I've kind of visited.  Drove past the Arch, was in the parking lot of the Astrodome, and in the gift shop of the Alamo. 

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Friday, March 18, 2022

Holiday Splurge Fail


So I took the trolley to Target, thinking I'd splurge on blaster boxes.  But it was not to be.  No baseball, basketball, or football on the shelf at all.  Just a few hockey products.  Not to be denied, I noticed a cart of random stuff waiting to be shelved and in it was a hanger box of basketball cards.  So I grabbed that and a fat pack of hockey cards.  Let's look at some highlights.   

2020 - 21 Panini Chronicles Basketball

-  The collation was horrible, with 3 Payton Pritchards and 4 guys with 2 each in a 30-card box.  But I'll take 2 Durants.

-  Several different designs, which probably aren't shown very well here.  

-  Not a fan of the Ball family, so I'll try to flip that LaMelo RC.  

-  Not a fan of LeBron either.  An all-time great though. 

-  Tyrese Maxey on that last card. 

-  It was very rookie-heavy.  Not sure if it's always that way, or just the one I got. 

2021 - 22 OPC Hockey

-  It was a 48-card pack.  A bit underwhelming, so I put most of them in my trader box. 

-  The Tkachuk is a Retro parallel.  

On a more positive note, Santa Patrick Claus treated me to some books from Barnes and Noble:

(Yes, I still had a gift card from Christmas.)

Monday, March 14, 2022

Make It Rain


U.S. or Canada only.

Previous commenters only.

Give me your six-pack of teams for the NCAA men's basketball tournament.  

Two seeded 1 -4.  Two seeded 5 - 8.  Two seeded 9 or worse.

Winner will be who wins the most games.

Prize:  Winner's choice of a basketball PWE or a basketball / other sport mix.

Deadline:  Noon on the east coast, March 17.  

Sunday, March 6, 2022



First, a big box of free from Nick, of Dime Box fame.

Dime Boxes -- The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey (

He offered 10 rounds of cards, and I let other people have a shot first usually, but I still ended up with 38 cards.  Then he added a bunch of extras, so the total was 80 or so.  Let us gaze at some highlights:

-  Smoltz RC

-  Murphy:  food issue with licensing and the brand logo on the front of the card.

-  Jim Morris:  The Rookie

-  Some might say Schmidt was the best ever, but I think Ruth was slightly better.

-  Anyway, a lot of other good cards - a couple more Dawsons, a Rickey, another Trout, etc.

I also made a small trade with a Canadian.

I sent him 5 Canucks cards and got back this duo:

-  Cu Jo RC

-  An upgrade for a frankenset slot.