Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Surprise PWE

So Jeff, of Wax Pack Wonders, sent me a PWE of football cards.  Let's look at the highlights.


-  Bumps Kevin Mack from the Browns team page.

-  Keeper box.

-  Bumps Mike Haynes from the Raiders team page.  

-  Keeper box.

-  Bumps Kyler Murray from the Cardinals team page.  

So a good haul for moi.  I think this was a thank you for a contest prize, but I doubt I sent him anything as nice as this.     

Wax Pack Wonders

Card images from TCDB.

(Props to you if you recognized Claudia Cardinale, one of Ray Manzarek's favorite actresses.)


Sunday, September 26, 2021


Three TCDB trades recently.  

I sent MarcoD70 eighteen 1982 Topps football cards and got back six cards I wanted.


-  1977 Silk

-  Kemp's RC

-  Olajuwon with a David Robinson guest appearance.

-  2009 Upper Deck

-  The Human Highlight Film

-  My first Colorado Rockies hockey card, from 1978.

I sent sixteen baseball cards to engine614 and got back eight that I wanted.  Two were 2020 Bowman base cards, so let's just look at the other six.


-  1958 Topps

-  MVP collection need.

-  Pinch runner.

-  A's team page.

-  First Pitch page.  

-  Not sure why I got this one.

I sent a nine-card mix to fordwaters and got four basketball cards that I wanted.

-  I grew up in NorCal.  The other three should speak for themselves. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Scoring from My Dealer


Just one card this time:

TCDB image.  Mine is centered a little bit better, though a bit off.  

Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day


Prize:  PWE of football cards.

U.S. and Canada only.

Previous commenters on my blog only.

Deadline:  24 hours from this posting.  

I'll use the random number generator instead of first.  

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Clean-Up (The Tolstoy Mix)


-  Scored another free card from Jon Penny Sleeves.  It's the second 1954 he's sent me, which brings my 1954 total to two.  This is Topps, the other one is Bowman. 

A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts (


-  Made a few more trades on TCDB.  No major fiascos, but definitely some annoying stuff.  Anyway, let's look at a few of the cards I got.    


-----  Sorry, Larry.  Didn't see you there. :)

-----  Same Name collection.

-----  I like the pic.

-----  Legend.  (Seems like a good time to remind readers that my card images are form TCDB.)

-----  Same Name collection.

-----  I like the pic.

-  So my glasses broke and I tried three different places but nobody could fix them.  So I bit the bullet and took the trolley to the mall / Lens Crafters for some new ones.  Had to get an eye exam too, so no more piano lessons for Tommy.  

-  Anyway, while I was at the mall I checked out Target for the first time since March 2020.  Sign limiting Pokemon buys to two per customer.  No baseball, basketball, or football as I expected.  There was Upper Deck hockey, in three different forms, and Parkside NWSL hanger boxes.  Considered the latter, but I didn't see a price and I don't like asking (turns out it was $13.50 for 25 cards).  However, I did buy a package of 25 nine-pocket pages.  Slightly more than my dealer was charging when he had them, but not much more, and I was sick of waiting for him to restock.

-  I also spent a delightful 20 minutes looking for a food court which no longer exists. 

-  Scored a free card from Kevin, the Diamond King.  I feel like I keep adding cards of this guy to my collection, but I only have six.

The Diamond King

-  Chris the Collector is retiring.  Feel free to go to his blog and bug him a bit.

-  Did some Time Traveling with Matt and got a trio of baseball cards.