Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Clean-Up


-  More drama with the next-door apartment.  Not as bad as before, but annoying.

-  Stopped by Target to look at cell phones, but they were too expensive.  So I walked out with a Mountain Dew Code Red and a blaster of 2022 Topps Heritage.  If you're building the set, feel free to send me your needs list.  

Here are a few I plan to keep:

-  There was some kind of police stand-off next to my building Monday morning.  About 16 cops on the sidewalk focused on the driveway between my building and the next one, police tape closing down the area to non-residents, and 4 more cops on the back balconies of the building behind mine.  Eventually, they shot a dude and that ended it.  

-  Jana Winter laughed at a joke I made on Twitter.  

-  Scored free cards from Kevin:

The Diamond King

-  My razors don't work properly anymore.  I've been using the same kind for most of my adult life.  Now I have to butcher my face to get the hair off.  WTF. 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Scoring from My Dealer


So I traded a 1952 reprint set (that was in the cards my mother brought down) and a Padres coffee mug.  Let's look at what I got.

Three packs of Japanese baseball cards, from 2000.  I'll just show a few here:

-  A lot of the pics aren't up on TCDB, but I got several All-Star level players.  Hiroki Kuroda and Bobby Rose being the best probably. 

-  It's a lot easier to read their names on the front in real life. 

-  Bob Wolcott

-  Orlando Merced

-  Tetsuya Kakiuchi

-  Sherman Obando

-  Tomohiro Kuroki  

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sparky Lyle Contest Winnings

Yes, I won.  Because I'm awesome. 

A few blog posts and a lot of comments on Daniel's blog paid off with a generous package of cards.  

Let's look at some highlights.

-  Fisk completes 1982 Diamond Kings for me. 

-  A Phillies Rose I didn't have.  

-  He sent me four of these 1995 Diamond Kings. 

-  When I saw this Dock being offered, I started commenting.  So I missed a couple days at the beginning.

-  563 homers.

-  Harper before his promotion to the Phillies. 

-  Three of these Rated Rookies:  also Helton and Tejada.

-  A couple 2002 Topps Post:  also Sosa. 

-  Four of these Post 500 HR Club cards: also Reggie, Killebrew, and McCovey.   

-  Several Collect-a -Books.  

Saturday, August 6, 2022

My MLB Team Pages: Winners and Instructions

Final Standings:

Brett Alan - 173

Matt - 167

Bo - 166

Jafronius - 162

Fuji - 157

Nachos Grande - 149

Poison75 - 127

John Sharp - 125

Five others played at least one round. 

Bo scored the most points per entry.

Contest winner Brett Alan had a perfect page. (Yankees 2)

Jafronius had two perfect pages. (Red Sox and Yankees 2) 

I have an address for a Brett Pasternack, so I'm thinking that's probably Brett Alan. 

I have Matt's address.

I need an address for Bo (I shouldn't, but I do).

I need an address for Jafronius. 

morganyud at protonmail dot com

Friday, August 5, 2022

The Clean-Up


-  The madre came down to visit.  She gave me a ride to a charity thrift store so I could donate some stuff: bags of clothes, a few mugs, an arty photo type piece.  Then we went to a used bookstore, where I sold some books.  Then I bought her lunch at a sandwich place where I spent all the money I got from the books.  This place has always been expensive, but I think they raised their prices even more.  I don't plan on going back.  Good sandwiches though. 

-  Anyway, she brought down a lot of cards from my younger days.  Almost all baseball and football.  I'll address this in more detail in future posts.

-  She also brought my trophy for winning Bleeding Green Nation's suicide contest last season.  It's cooler looking than I expected.

-  I spent a couple days on jury duty but didn't get picked for the actual jury.  There was a James Madison in the original juror pool, but he got called for a different trial.       

-  I'm way behind on card acquisition posts, and also on entering new cards into TCDB.      

My MLB Team Pages: Evil Empire

Tommy John was replaced after the contest started, so if you picked him, you get a point.

My only suitable Munson is needed elsewhere. 

There has been a Derek Jeter sighting:

That's it.

Check back for the final standings and instructions for the winners.