Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Seinfeld Super Slam

A 32-character tournament.  

One round per post with 48 hours to vote on each round.

Lets' get to it:

1.  Jerry Seinfeld (main character)

Justin Pitt (Elaine's boss)

2.  Cosmo Kramer (main character)

Babu Bhatt (restaurant owner across the street from Jerry's apartment)

3.  George Costanza (main character)

Tina Robbins (Elaine's roommate)

4.  Elaine Benes (main character)

Matt Wilhelm (George's boss with the Yankees)

5.  Morty Seinfeld (Jerry's father)

Jackie Chiles (Kramer's lawyer)

6.  Estelle Costanza (George's mother)

Uncle Leo (Jerry's uncle)

7.  Helen Seinfeld (Jerry's mother)

Sidra Holland (dated Jerry) (portrayed by Teri Hatcher)

8.  George Steinbrenner (Yankees owner)

Susan Ross (George's girlfriend, then fiance)

9.  Newman (Kramer's friend)

Jack Klompus (Morty Seinfeld's nemesis)

10.  J. Peterman (Elaine's boss)

Bubble Boy (lives in a bubble)

11.  David Puddy (Elaine's boyfriend)

Izzy Mandelbaum (Jerry's trainer) (portrayed by Lloyd Bridges)

12.  Crazy Joe Davola

Lt. Joe Bookman (library cop)

13.  Frank Costanza (George's father)

Russell Dalrymple (NBC executive)

14.  Mickey Abbott (Kramer's diminutive friend)

Tim Whatley (Jerry's dentist)    

15.  Kenny Bania (comedian)

Keith Hernandez (dated Elaine) (portrayed by Keith Hernandez)

16.  Soup Nazi

Mr. Kruger (George's boss) 

Monday, April 29, 2024

My Five Best Pack Hits


This is a blog bat-around that Matty K started.  Ironically, since it's just relics and serial numbered cards (not rookie cards), there won't be any baseball.  Anyway ...

Honorable Mention:  Kurt Warner (Arizona Cardinals) 

2016 Donruss Pro Bowl Kings relic card

5.  John Randle (Minnesota Vikings) 

2019 Score Defenders Jerseys relic card


4.  Bruce Smith (Buffalo Bills) 

2019 Score Defenders Jerseys relic card

3.  Tom Brady (New England Patriots) 

2008 Topps Gold (SN2008)

I don't get it, but the prices shown on TCDB are high by my standards. 

2.  Emmitt Smith (Dallas Cowboys) 

2019 Panini Black Friday Hyperplaid relic card (SN5)

I dealt this in an 8 for 7 trade that landed me a 1970 Roberto Clemente.

1.  Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)

2008 Topps All-Pro In the Name relic card (SN1)

I traded it for the following:

Len Dawson - 2000 Upper Deck Legends autographed card

John Mackey - 2007 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures Gold autographed card (SN100)

Ozzie Newsome - 1999 SP Signature autographed card 

Warren Moon - 2018 Donruss Changing Stripes Jerseys double relic card (Oilers relic on the front, Vikings relic on the back) (SN99)

You may laugh at the Red Sox' Fenway struggles here:

Diamond Jesters (diamond-jesters.blogspot.com)

Friday, April 26, 2024

Scoring from My Dealer


Another largish order from COMC.  Let's look at a few:

-  I finally got a playing days Mays for my Giants team page.

-  De Busschere was a two-sport guy - more known as a Knick.

-  Malarchuk was almost killed when a skate blade sliced this throat.  Here, he teaches a commoner how to treat goalies. 

-  My first Orr finally. 

-  Parent and Esposito:  stud goalies with fashionable masks. 

-  Butkus for my Bears page.  

-  My first Bednarik.

-  Sipe adds to my tiny USFL collection. 

-  Josh Allen COVID mask variant.  I now have all the good players' COVID mask variants in this set. 

-  Alex Morgan Pitch Queen.  

-  Danica with a tire piece from a race. 

Friday, April 5, 2024

Scoring from My Dealer


Another COMC haul.  The shipping is a b*tch, but the inventory is huge.  Anyway, 80 cards this time.  Let's look at a few. 


-  The Sue Bird is a shiny card.
-  My 2nd Vachon card and still not one with his mask on.  (sigh)
-  Sugar was a 2-time Pro Bowler.  And his name was Sugar.  Ha.
-  Casey had a decent acting career.
-  Shell is not impressed. 
-  Back in the day, phones had cords. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Time Traveling


Sent some cards to Matty K.  Got five back. 

-  Hall of Famer

-  1980 NLCS MVP

-  Hall of Famer

-  1993 Leaf

-  1993 Leaf

Diamond Jesters (diamond-jesters.blogspot.com