Friday, January 5, 2018

Film Friday: Three Reviews

Pro:  It's a well-made film.  The acting is good.  It stayed interesting, despite the basic result already being known.
Con:  They made up a lot of stuff, and not all of it was justifiable. I didn't like the background info part at the beginning; too Hollywood leftist.
Rating:  7 / 10

Pro:  Good acting.  Plenty of funny moments.
Con:  The MC is kind of low-level sketchy.  Maybe it's bad timing with all the female hypocrisy, HRC not going away, and Molly's Game commercials on TV frequently.  But I don't appreciate this kind of feminism.  Also, there are certain scenes where it's obviously written / directed by a woman.
Rating:  8 / 10

Pro:  Emily Mortimer and Kelli Garner. 
Con:  The MC isn't likeable and he kind of had to be for the plot to work.  The film tried to be cute and just came across as silly and dumb.
Rating:  5 / 10 


  1. I saw Argo and actually liked the first part but, being Canadian, I did not care for slant that we did very little even though the film is based on the movie premise. I really want to see Lady Bird and Lars is weird sounding but I still would like to see it one day.

    1. Yeah. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about when I say they changed some things.

      I definitely recommend Lady Bird over Lars.