Friday, November 26, 2021

The Clean-Up


-  Volunteered for the Komen More Than Pink Walk.  Other than getting up at 4:30, it wasn't very strenuous.   

-  Won the suicide contest on an Eagles fan site.  

-  My reading has really taken a hit now that I'm not hanging out at the coffee place.  But I worked my way through Bangkok 8, by John Burdett.  Murder investigation told from the perspective of a Thai cop.  Now I'm reading Wicked - the Wizard of Oz spin-off.       

-  I've updated my Want List tabs.

-  No longer reading comments made after the deadline.  It's set at 3 days, so that should be plenty of time. 

-  No cards today, but here's this:


  1. I've gotten so far behind reading blogs, that I don't read posts older than 3 days unless someone shares a link on a post or something.

    1. There will be gaps when none of my followees post, but then there will be times when several people post at around the same time.

  2. I mentioned on the blog yesterday, but I usually read posts on my phone, and then go back a few days later to comment when I'm on my laptop, as it's much easier for me to type out comments, especially those of the longer variety, on my laptop, then it is my phone. If things get too hectic, I might not come back around and comment until 4-5 days after the post went live. So, just know that even if you don't read them, I will still sometimes be commenting on "older" posts :)