Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving Football


U.S. only.

Previous commenters only.

Give me the leader in receiving plus rushing yards in each game.

Give me the passing yards leader across all three games.  

Please use this format:

Game 1:  Miles Sanders

Game 2:  A.J. Brown

Game 3:  Devonta Smith

Passing:  Jalen Hurts

Football PWE for the winner.  

If you're building the 2022 Score set, please mention it with your entry.  I have a lot of those I can send.  Otherwise, I'll send other stuff.  

Deadline:  Kick-off of the first game. 



  1. Game 1: Stephon Diggs
    Game 2: Tony Pollard
    Game 3: Dalvin Cook
    Passing: Josh Allen

  2. 1- Amon-Ra St. Brown
    2. Tony Pollard
    3. Darvin Cook.

    QB- Jarred Goff

  3. Game 1: Gabe Davis
    Game 2: Saquan Barkley
    Game 3: Justin Jefferson
    QB: Josh Allen

  4. Game 1: Stefon Diggs
    Game 2: CeeDee Lamb
    Game 3: Justin Jefferson
    Passing: Kirk Cousins

  5. Game 1: Jamaal Williams
    Game 2: Tony Pollard
    Game 3: Justin Jefferson
    Passing: Dak Prescott

    Thanks for the contest! I'd be interested in some 2022 Score.

  6. Replies
    1. Game 2 - CeeDee Lamb - 117 (eye roll)

    2. Game 3: Justin Jefferson - 139

      Passing: Mac Jones - 382