Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Card Collecting 3: Repack Adventures

I made a trip to Walgreen's for some cleaning supplies and while I was there I bought three Fairfield football boxes.

One of the main things I noticed is that each of the three boxes had a pack from a different set.  One was 2020 Leaf Draft, one was 1991 Pro Set Platinum, and the other one was 1992 Fleer.  Usually, it's the same set represented in each box.

Best Leaf Draft Card

Best 1991 Pro Set Platinum Cards
1991 Pro Set Platinum #8 Bruce Smith Front
Bruce Smith
1991 Pro Set Platinum #25 Emmitt Smith Front
Emmitt Smith

Best 1992 Fleer Cards
1992 Fleer #386 Steve Young Front   1992 Fleer #472 Ronnie Lott Front

As for the 225 loose cards, there were a lot of Pro Set.  Most of them went to my contest offerings / trade box or my commons box. But a few made it to my keepers.

Best Pro Set Cards - Both from 1990

1990 Pro Set - Super Bowl MVP's #16 Joe Montana Front
Card number 16 :)
   1990 Pro Set #26 Ted Hendricks Front

Best of the Rest

2000 Topps #370 John Abraham Front
Rookie Card
2013 Topps Chrome #141 Reggie Wayne Front
Reggie Wayne Chrome

2008 Topps #351 Chris Johnson Front
Rookie Card
    2012 Score #61 Brian Urlacher Front

Best Adds to My Trader Box

2013 Bowman #100 Peyton Manning Front   

2012 Panini Gridiron #5 Larry Fitzgerald Front
2013 Topps #414 Lane Johnson Front
Lane Johnson Rookie Card

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