Saturday, April 25, 2020

Card Collecting 4: Customized Sets

A lot of card collectors like to build complete sets.  Other than almost getting there in 1987 with Topps baseball, I am not one of these collectors. It's too expensive and there are too many cards that only matter because they're part of the set. Also, the sets are too big.

However, I love customized sets.  Or theme-based collecting. Since I got back into collecting, I have been working on a few of these. Mostly football.  The results have been ... let's be generous and say mixed. Ha.   


I decided to work on this when I got the Archie Griffin rookie.   I need Steve Owens, and then I'll have them all from O.J. Simpson through Kyler Murray.

 1976 Topps #300 O.J. Simpson Front   1977 Topps #269 Archie Griffin Front

1988 Topps #327 Bo Jackson Front  1987 Topps #170 Bo Jackson Front

1989 Score #86 Tim Brown Front   


I noticed that they don't get much love in the card collecting world.  So here we are.  I have a Dante Hall coming through a trade, and then I'll just need a Stephen Gostkowski to have all the special teamers on the 100th anniversary, 75th anniversary, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s NFL teams.

1972 Topps #61 Jan Stenerud Front   1977 Topps #320 Ray Guy Front

1984 Topps #300 Morten Andersen Front   2011 Topps #36 Devin Hester Front

CLUB 100 

Kind of like a Frankenset.  But I have a feeling Sportzcommish's 'best player of each uniform number' set might have inspired this.

Anyway, 100 cards numbered 1 through 100 / 100 players, so no player repeated.  I need 24 and 76, and either 33 or 63 because I currently have Tom Brady for both of them.  Then it will just be a matter of finding better players or better cards for certain numbers.

1971 Topps #1 John Unitas Front   1970 Topps #59 Alan Page Front

1976 Topps #75 Terry Bradshaw Front   1988 Topps #5 Walter Payton Front 


I've abandoned this one because there are more than I thought. I got a couple Fred Dryers though, and the O.J. shown above.

1970 Topps #247 Fred Dryer Front   1978 Topps #366 Fred Dryer Front


This one is too hard to do without buying online.  There aren't a lot of people trading them on TCDB. The hobby shop had some ABA cards, but kind of random.


Another one I abandoned because there are too many of them.  Bo, obviously, as shown above. 

1990 Topps #469 Deion Sanders Front   1990 Donruss #427 Deion Sanders Front

1992 Pro Line Portraits #427 Brian Jordan Front
Brian Jordan
1982 Topps #125 Danny Ainge Front

1972 Topps #105 Bob Hayes Front   1986 Topps #80 Ron Brown Front


I abandoned this one because it's too hard to decide who's a bust and who merely had a disappointing career.

1990 Topps #139 Tony Mandarich Front    1998 UD Choice #257 Ryan Leaf Front 


  1. A-ha, you do have a blog! These are very interesting collections, I hope you're able to complete some of them.

    1. Ha. I kind of have a blog. Thanks for stopping by.