Saturday, February 24, 2024

Scoring from My Dealer

Bought a blaster of 2023 Score football at Walmart.  Not an ideal set for me, with college unis and ho cards aplenty, but it's the best there is with Donruss not available.

-  The Celebration (5), Sack Attack (4), and Huddle Up (3) inserts are ho cards, so they're available for trade. 

-  All the rookie related cards are college unis, so they're available for trade. 

-  The best looking card is an Ellipse parallel of Peter Skoronski, but the pic isn't up on TCDB.  It's a print run of 199.

-  A bit of a Josh Allen hot box, with his base, a Celebration insert, and a Huddle Up insert.

-  Not a single dupe, so no complaints about the collation.         


  1. It would have been cool if Score produced a card for every first ballot hall of famer for that set. Even with them being fairly easy to pull, it'd be kind of a challenge to complete.

    1. Yeah. There were 3 in a blaster box, so 1 every 2 packs.