Sunday, February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day

(Also known as Discrimination Against Singles Day.) 

Name the athlete each woman has been romantically involved with, or in Madonna's case, sexually involved.  

Winner gets a PWE of football, basketball, or hockey cards.    

Deadline:  Valentine's Day at 9:00 AM Pacific. 

U.S. addresses only.   

Tie breaker goes to the earliest entry.

Don't cheat.  The prize isn't worth it.  Ha.  

1.  Marilyn Monroe

2. Giselle Bundchen

3.  Olivia Culpo

4.  Camille Kostek

5.  Tawny Kitaen

6.  Taylor Swift

7.  Madonna

8.  Sheryl Crow

9.  Ashley Judd

10.  Kate Upton

11.  Brooke Shields

12.  Eliza Dushku

13.  Carol Alt

14.  Christen Harper

Play us out, Dave.


  1. 1-Joe DiMaggio
    2-Tom Brady
    3-Christian McCaffrey
    4-Rob (I is good at kicking fooseball) Gronk
    5-Chuck Finley
    6-Travis Kelse
    7-Jose Canseco,Dennis Rodman
    8-Lance (1 Nut) Armstrong
    9-Dario F (sorry all I know was an auto racer my mind slipping)
    10-Justin Verlander
    11-Andre (I had Mullet hair when I dated Brooke) Agassi
    12-Rick Fox
    13-Ron Gersh something (All I know he played hockey but now is a sportscaster for WABC in New York
    14-Jared Goff as well the future daughter in law to former pitcher Jerry Goff

    1. 13 / 16

      Dario Franchitti (which you seem to have known kind of)
      Ron Greschner (which you seem to have known kind of)
      Alexei Yashin was with Carol Alt after her divorce from Greschner.

      Good job.

  2. Danng. I just came here to see the women lol