Friday, April 26, 2024

Scoring from My Dealer


Another largish order from COMC.  Let's look at a few:

-  I finally got a playing days Mays for my Giants team page.

-  De Busschere was a two-sport guy - more known as a Knick.

-  Malarchuk was almost killed when a skate blade sliced this throat.  Here, he teaches a commoner how to treat goalies. 

-  My first Orr finally. 

-  Parent and Esposito:  stud goalies with fashionable masks. 

-  Butkus for my Bears page.  

-  My first Bednarik.

-  Sipe adds to my tiny USFL collection. 

-  Josh Allen COVID mask variant.  I now have all the good players' COVID mask variants in this set. 

-  Alex Morgan Pitch Queen.  

-  Danica with a tire piece from a race. 


  1. Lots of nice vintage in your COMC haul. Going to add that Esposito to my eBay saved searches. That's a great looking card. Love that Alex Morgan too!

  2. What an awesome photo on that Orr!

  3. Bednarik wins it. Orr a close second. The goalies tied for third.

    1. Interesting. I didn't know people still cared about Chuck.