Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gorge: Pure Slush Vol. 4 - A Review

Gorge: Pure Slush Vol. 4

I like the concept, even if the execution is a bit rough in spots. There's a good mix of introducing new characters and developing familiar characters from chapter to chapter. Some of the stories work well as stand-alone pieces, others merely function to move the larger story along. Sexy in places, humorous in others, and sad as well.

I think it would have worked better with half the stories / authors and double the length of each story. As it is, it seemed too many times the author was going for shock value - like he /she had to make an impact in only a few pages. I also think some of the characters are superfluous and I would have preferred reading more about certain characters instead.

A few of my favorite pieces:

"Key Meeting" - Matt Potter
"The Arrival" - Jennifer Donnell
"Prestidigitation" - Sally Reno
"Death In the Afternoon" - Michael Webb
"Vanishing Act" - Matthew Brennan

Cookie baking is for people with grandchildren and time on their hands. - Sally Reno

"Oh," said Katrin. "Is Boston known for its good food?"
"No," said Bruce. "But it thinks it is." - Maude Larke

"I don't like fish that tastes like fish." - Vanessa Weibler Paris

"Mutts are the strongest dogs. To call a dog a mutt is to call it a survivor, to say it's not an inbred showpiece." - Jen Knox

Rating: 4 stars of 5.

(originally posted on Goodreads, in March 2015)  

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