Saturday, June 18, 2016

If I Was Having Coffee With...

I have been inspired with a new idea for a post series.  By "inspired", I mean that I'm stealing somebody else's idea.  Anyhoo...


If I was having coffee with...   Ericka, I'd ask her where are these mosaics that I keep hearing about.  She'd respond with a snarky comment.  Something like: I'm stashing them where it's acceptable to end a sentence with a preposition.

I'd sip my coffee while she ogles me over her Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.  My eyes are up here, young lady.

I'd try to put on a happy face, but she would sense my despair.  Why so glum, E Man?

I've been in Kentucky for three hours and I have yet to hear that Neil Diamond song.

She would sigh a teacherly sigh.  Is that all?

I guess.

So how's the coffee?

It's good. Just, you know - Brittania's coffee is better.  

Humph!  Ericka would turn in a huff and pretend to gaze at the surrounding scenery.  I had planned to get you into Ashley Judd's yoga class, but if you can't be a well-behaved guest we'll just have to stay home and listen to Bon Jovi.  


Ericka's blog:

That Neil Diamond song:


  1. This actually sounds quite sweet and I think Ericka will like this:)

    1. There are many Erickas, but only one Elliptical Man.

  2. Oh, E Man! This is awesome and hilarious! I'm touched! Seriously, I'm truly honored...