Friday, June 11, 2021

Film Friday: Elliptical 100 (17)


These movies are older than I am.

Directed by Michael Curtiz.

Released in 1943.

-  The cast included several refugees from the Nazis.  

-  Dooley Wilson (Sam) was actually a drummer, so he faked playing the piano. 

Directed and produced by Orson Welles.

Released in 1941.

-  Kane was largely based on William Randolph Hearst.  

Based on a novel by Dashiell Hammett.

Directed by John Huston.

Released in 1941.

-  Huston's directorial debut.

Directed by Billy Wilder.

Released in 1950.

-  Cecil B. DeMille and Buster Keaton appear as themselves.

If I could save only one:  Casablanca

Last week's answer:  Citizen Kane  

Final Leaderboard

Brett Alan - 7

Jon -  4

Fuji -  2 1/2

I need an address for the winner, Brett Alan.  

morganyud at protonmail dot com

All three to need a pick a sport for their prize.  If you collect all four, I think football is the strongest and basketball is the weakest.  Baseball vs hockey is more subjective, with both ranked in the middle.   

Recap next week.   


  1. Just sent that email; let me know if you need anything else (or reply here if it doesn't come through). Thanks so much for this!

    Seeing "It's Terrific!" on a movie poster does seem a little too bluntly braggy, but of course if any film every had the right to be bluntly braggy, that's the one.

  2. Looks like you saved the best group for last! :)