Sunday, May 2, 2021



-  I've made some progress on my want list since the last time I posted it.  Willie McCovey as a Padre, Gaylord Perry as an Indian, a few 1982 Diamond Kings.  

-  I'd be interested in making that a tab so I don't have to keep posting it and boring people to death.  But only if it's easy to do.  

-  There's a new oldest card in my collection, courtesy of Jon Penny Sleeves (per Julie).  A 1954 Bowman of catcher Toby Atwell, who served three years in the Army Air Corps during World War II and was an All-Star in 1952.

-  Got a binder page worth of old school Cubans.  Proof your work, kids.  

-  Made another Time Travel trade with Matt:

Hall of Fame RB Floyd Little with a better cut than this TCDB photo.  Mine has a bit of a border on the right side. 

A Lenny Dykstra / Dale Murphy combo card from 1991 Donruss.  

-  Sponsored an NFL draft contest.  The Lost Collector won with a correct prediction of Ja'Marr Chase to he Bengals.   

-  Made some progress on Chris's music challenge.  Might have it done by the end of June.  



The Lost Collector:


  1. I feel like I have to had seen that Dr. Dirt and Mr. Clean card at some point over the past 30 years... but I don't remember it. Pretty cool card.

    1. Pretty sure creating a tab only took me a few minutes to figure out. I think it's under pages or settings.

  2. Thanks for the contest...glad I got one right!

  3. Love that Stretch Mccovey card, and, of course, the Trammell card.

    1. Yeah. The Padres have had some good players play for them briefly - usually late in their careers.

      I got Ivan DeJesus as the Cubs representative in that DK set - a bit of a talent gap between the two shortstops. Kind of makes it a fun set though, with some obvious names and some not so obvious.

  4. As always, thanks for participating in my Time Travel Trading project!

  5. You should've just took the scan from my post for the Atwell. That TCDB copy sure is beat to sh*t.