Friday, May 21, 2021

Film Friday: Elliptical 100 (14)


Six degrees of Jason Voorhees. 


Written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez.

Released in 1999.

-  $248 million box office on a budget of $750,000.

Based on a play (and written) by Tracy Letts.

Directed by William Friedkin.

Released in 2006.

-  It takes place in Oklahoma, but the Sierra Nevada mountains are visible in certain scenes.

Based on a novel by Stephen King.

Directed by Rob Reiner.

Released in 1990.

-  The only film based on a King novel to win an Oscar - Kathy Bates for Best Actress.

Directed by Wes Craven.

Released in 1996.

-  Includes cameos from Henry Winkler, Linda Blair, and Craven.

If I could save only one:  Scream

Last week's answer:  Misery

This week's question:  I associate horror movies with Halloween, yet none of these were released in October.  Which Christmas movie released in July made the Elliptical 100?


Brett Alan - 6

Jon - 4

Fuji - 2 1/2 



  1. To my mind, if it was released in July, it's not a Christmas movie! Um...maybe Die Hard?

    1. I was referring to the content / setting of the movie to which I was referring.

  2. I liked The Blair Witch when it was released, and still do to some degree today, but it sure did inspire a lot of crap. It's hard to believe that one film could create a genre that's produced so many terrible films.

    1. Ha. I'm not a big fan of horror movies.

      Porklips Now and Hardware Wars are on YouTube.

  3. Misery is a great movie. I'd say my favorite horror film would be Children of the Corn or The Shining.

    1. I still haven't seen all of The Shining, though I've seen bits and pieces. I saw the remake, with Rebecca DeMornay.

      Have you seen the Twilight Zone episode with the kid in control of everything?

    2. Is it the episode where the kid can read everyone's thoughts and if they upset him... he sends them to the cornfield? If so... yeah, I saw it. I tracked it down after looking into the Twilight Zone movie from the 80's and discovered one of the scenes was based on that episode.