Wednesday, July 21, 2021

A to Z On the Gridiron

Did one for baseball, so I figured I'd do one for football.

All these cards are in my collection.

A:  Lance Alworth -  AFL star.

B:  Ron Brown -  Got his autograph at a track meet.  Olympic gold medalist in track and All-Pro return man in football.    

C:  Harold Carmichael - Eagles legend.

D:  Brian Dawkins - Eagles legend.

E:  John Elway -  The Broncos were my #2 team for about 20 years.    

F:  Nick Foles - Eagles legend.

G:  Shaquem Griffin -  The Jim Abbott of the NFL.  

H:  Bob Hayes -  Another track guy.  Pro Football Hall of famer and 2-time Olympic gold medalist. 

I:  Raghib Ismail -  Rooted for him when he played for Notre Dame.  Saw him score a TD against Stanford in the only D1 game I've attended. 

J:  Ron Jaworski - Eagles legend.

K:  Jason Kelce - Eagles legend.

L:  Steve Largent -  Record setter.

M:  Patrick Mahomes II -  Star player.  Fun to watch.

N:  Ozzie Newsome -  Stud as a player.  Stud as a GM.  

O:  Christian Okoye -  The Nigerian Nightmare.  

P:  Walter Payton - Sweetness.  

Q:  Mike Quick - Eagles legend.

R:  Ed Reed -  The talent of Ray Lewis without the off-field crap.   

S:  Bart Starr -  Old school legend.    

T:  Pat Tillman - American bad ass.  

U:  Johnny Unitas -  Used to be the GOAT, but Brady kept winning. 

V:  Adam Vinatieri -  Have to include a kicker. 

W:  Reggie White - Eagles legend.

X:  Vacant.  Dexter Manley had literacy issues, but I'm not going out of my way to include a Redskin. 

Y:  Roynell Young - Eagles legend.

Z:  Chris Zorich -  Another guy I rooted for during my Notre Dame phase.   


  1. It's nice to see Lance Alworth getting some blog love. And out of curiosity, what made you ditch the Broncos as your #2 team?

  2. Replies
    1. I'll concede that Foles, Jaworski, and Young benefitted from Eagles bias. But the other five earned it.

  3. Largent, Okoye, and Reed would definitely be on my list. Wait. Maybe not Reed (because of Aaron Rodgers)... but I did love watching his highlights. That guy was awesome.

    Very cool to see Tillman. He's a real American hero for sure.

    1. Rodgers bores me for some reason. Nice career though.