Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spring Cleaning

So Kerry (Cards on Cards) was doing some spring cleaning and he offered a pick-a-team box of cards to people who sent him cards from his want list.  I sent him some 2020 Allen & Ginters for his set build and picked the Phillies for my return cards.  He sent a lot of cards, so let's just look at some highlights. 



-  A couple 1979 Topps of 1980 title team core contributors.  

-  1996 card of a key contributor from the 1993 pennant winners. 

-  Elite base stealer (2006).  

-  2013 Topps Archives of the GOAT

-  2013 Topps Chrome orange refractor

-  2014 Bowman blue parallel - SN500

-  Best sports mascot ever (2015).

-  2019 Allen & Ginter of the 4-time Cy Young Award winner

-  The Phanatic again (2019).

-  2020 Topps Fire of the Big Easy  

-  2020 Topps Opening Day

There were some Abreus and Burrells.  A few Utleys and Rhys Hoskinses.  A couple Thomes.  A Cole Hamels insert honoring his no-hitter at Wrigley.  So yeah - plenty of goodness.  

Note:  Images from TCDB, except for the Halladay and Ruiz, which are both from eBay.  


  1. The orange Halladay is really cool.

  2. That 1980 Phillies team was loaded with memorable names: Rose, Trillo, Bowa, Schmidt, Smith, Maddox, McBride, Boone, McGraw, and Carlton.

    1. Yeah, I don't think it was a surprise when they won it.

      The '93 team would have been the opposite if they had gotten it done against Toronto.