Saturday, July 31, 2021



-  So I scored from my dealer:

---  1970 Topps

---  1973 Topps

---  He's still out of 9-pockets, because they're made in China.   

-  I've decided to abandon my Gold Glove project.  Doing team pages instead.  Not what I wanted to do, because I know it won't compare to other people's team pages.  The GG project was too frustrating though.     

-  I've placed a few orders through the Canadian site.  Not happy with the customer service, but it's my best option for inexpensive cards unfortunately.  Especially hockey.  (A few bloggers have claimed the cards are 10 cents each, which isn't true.  They're 10 cents each plus $5 shipping.)  

-  I'm doing a hockey frankenset and a basketball frankenset.  100 cards, like my football one, but I'm not going to take them as seriously.  Or so I tell myself.  

-  Included in my Spring Cleaning box from Kerry was a giant Bryce Harper from 2020 Topps Archives.  It's supposed to be a 1964 throwback, yet doesn't look like 1964 at all.  Big mystery. :) 


The first one is a 1964.  

The second one is a 2020 Archives 1964 Giant (the Harper hasn't been scanned to TCDB). 

-  Matt, the Diamond Jester, renamed all the MLB teams.  I expect to see other bloggers do this, without taking any of my ideas.  

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  1. Beautiful card of Johnny Callison.

  2. I sure hope the supply shortage ends soon. I'm running low on 9 pocket pages myself.

  3. I remember hearing last year that someone was going to start making supplies hear in the U.S., but I can't remember who it was, and it probably doesn't matter anymore, because I'm assuming if they haven't started yet, they're probably not going to. Must've gotten an offer from China that they couldn't refuse :)