Monday, May 11, 2020

Card Collecting 9: Big Trade

So I traded with Leo (LO212257 on TCDB).  Sent him 45 cards (plus a few extras) and received 22 better cards.  Let's look at a few.

1989 Donruss #193 Mike Schmidt Front    

I'm usually hesitant to trade for junk era baseball, because I still have several boxes of uncatalogued cards at my mother's house.  But I can make an exception for Schmidt. 

   2011-12 Hoops #270 Kevin Durant Front 

The T from Run TMC. 

1981 Topps #250 Bill Bergey Front   1982 Topps #189 Lester Hayes Front

1990 Score #582 Joe Montana Front   1988 Topps #43 Jerry Rice Front 

It's possible that I like the All-Pro cards.  Ha. 

1990 Fleer #79 Jerome Brown Front   1990 Fleer #256 Bo Jackson Front 

1991 Upper Deck #154 Deion Sanders Front   2015 Topps Valor #144 Calvin Johnson Front 

The Brown takes slot #79 in my Club 100 frankenset.  Bo and Deion - the best multi-sport stars of the era.  I had to dump a few of my Megatron cards because the opposing team was the Eagles. So it's nice to add this Topps Valor.

2014 Topps #128 Stephen Gostkowski Front   2015 Topps #164 Stephen Gostkowski Front 

I believe Gostkowski completes my Special Special Teamers set. I just have to double check.  I like the action shot in the first one, but it's a ho card.  So I made sure to get the second one as a fall-back option.

The Other Eight: 
1987 Topps:  Ron Brown.  More multi-sport goodness. Got his autograph at a track meet back in the day.
1990 Fleer:  Deion Sanders, Clyde Simmons, and Jerry Rice.
1990 Score:  John Elway and Rod Woodson All-Pro. 
2015 Topps Valor:  Mike Evans and Demaryius Thomas.  I prefer the 2014 design, but I got three good WRs in this trade so not complaining.

Thanks for reading.   


  1. The Trout and Megatron stand out here. Leo is one of my favorite traders on TCDB. He's always got great stuff and I've had three trades with him that have all been flawless.

    1. Yeah. It was a smooth trade. No complaints.

      Thanks for voting.